Saturday, December 24, 2011

There is nothing called "PAST"

Why does the past experience in ur life keeps haunting u?
why cant u , urself cant get rid of it completly ?

why when u cant do it urself, blame it on others that they remember ur past !!

So why its called "PAST", when it plays ur present ,
when it will make ur future...

There is no past
There is no past in life..

there is just this ... present

and this present is totally dependent on what ur past is and what ur future is gonna be

Friday, November 4, 2011

The boy in the striped pajamas

There is one boy in the striped pajamas, without everyone ...

Kill him or save him ....

ur dreams , the real you should be killed or should be saved is upon you ...

Just you ....

Be the boy in the striped pajamas or fly free ...

decide ....

want a time machine to go back to school time

rain is over... walking with sister , splash those tree leaves to get those rain drops fall on us , and feel the happiness . And then suddenly see mom standing there at a distance and realising the fact we got wet even it was not raining :)

walking along the roads , waiting for fast approaching vehicles to splash the water :)

picking up more chocolates from granny's sweet shop :)

cycle racing :)

first innocent proposal at 4th dtandard :)

first kiss :)

keeping a small paper filled with answers during exams :)

pulling the cable wire when grandpa's news starts :)

eating from every one's tiffen box :)

pinching beautiful girls , and when they ask , telling them "new dress na ? nice......" :)

correcting marks using red ink :)

watching the first porn :)

first puff :)

boasting of everything including the new dress, pencil box, lunch box, pencil and water bottle on the first day of school each year :)

stealing snacks :)

counting the cash we get on Vishu and determining who is the richest :)

crying when asked to swallow tablets :)

showing my innocent face and escaping from all the dirty things i do :)

waiting to reach school each day to see the new teacher :)

Rakhi, Kavya :)

Kavya's  lost badge in my pencil box for almost a year :)

10th board exams :)

crying for days thinking of my dog's death ...

missing everything :(


badly needs a change

doing the same work daily

wanna be a explorer ....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

sound is life

its fuckin crazy to feel the sound.
sound is life.

feel the sound and u feel life ...

love it ...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

dreaming is easy

dreaming is easy 

when i first met her, she was not mine

her breeze slides through me , and i felt my soul lifted up.

then  i started seeing her once in a while

each time i see her i can see just her

She was glowing soo brigh that everything else fades

she remains in my eyes for hours and in heart for decades.

She was soo attractive. i fell in love with her.

i was soo badly in love with her that i was afraid of what happens to me if cant get her in my life

knowing this , i wanted to take care of me , 

so one fine day i approched her .

she was happy seeing me, but i dont know if she will be happy to be happy being my love

I know i would burn to dust , if i fail here , 

and i know i would burst to sky if i win here .

in both cases , i wanted to delay it.

I felt those words were soooo heavy that they were not coming out ,

my heart beat silenced the sound of life,

and i sliced my heart to be silent

And her eyes were glowing like i saw a diamond flashed with a million watts flash

I proposed her 

I started hearing heart pounding sound again .

this time...  hers ...

she said ,

i am happy to be urs ................

Who said flying is costly .

no flights , no boozings , 

i flew ...

heart was light like the finest thread of cotton , and we started loving 

Love is in the air 

its years now ... still i havent recieved her completly in my life . 

my  2   dreams  

that day she comes to my life as my wife

that day i become a sound engineer ....

Love is beautiful 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

my SRFTI exam :)

Almost a year have passed ... Last year when i wrote the FTII exam , i had no idea of how i can pay the fee , how i will manage things , how i will reolve the issues raised due to my sudden stop of job for studies, how my personal life is going to get affected by my interest in studies , and the confusion goes on ....

Its been a year now , the aftershocks of the FTII final reults actually dint last for more than a week , as my hopes of re-appearing next year fueled my spirits . But those fuel gathered over a period of one year were lighted to burst it when i heard that its a Zero intake year this year in FTII , to clear the backlog guys and also make sure the batches henceforth are leavin the campus on time !!

Then came SRFTI ...
I was almost sure that i will not join this (if i clear the exams and interview too), as FTII has rooted in too deep with its reputation and alumni history .... But i was left with no choice . I am too restless ... Each day i see FTII website to hear any signs of Admission process, but not seeing anything . So i finally decided to apply for SRFTI . As ranking is considered , even though websites and blogs claim SRFTI has mainatained to a level of FTII , its always behing FTII only . So it comes as 2nd rank :)

Application filling , DD taking , pasting the color picture and sending it ... all done .
Whats the difference ... nothing but now i have to check 2 websites hereafter :)

Then came the eligible guys for exam ...
tadaaa .... my name is not there !!
Thought i am not eligible to write it though !!

days went off , 2 days bfore the exam , a call
"ur form reached us really late . But u can write the exam " ...

Today almost a year after FTII exam , have written SRFTI exam .....
Waiting for the results ....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

morning love

a fresh new start.....
can we clean our soul ?
can we wash out our sins ?
can we see our heart glow with happiness ?
can we hear ..

hmmmm ...

i want to die happily .
i dont want to have regrets in life .
i want to live this life each moment .

No regrets , no memories
no time to hate .
no time to sleep.

See her heart glow and you will see yours ..
See her soul free and you will free yours ..

Love is cure .
Love is pure .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Farewell to my old CRT TV :*

Farewell to my old CRT TV :*
Its time to blog on a thing , which stood with me making me laugh and cry and thing ,
and even sleep on times .
I remember watching black and white TV at my grandfather's place.
I still remember the Black Solidaire tv , with 10 channel keys .
Infact We never got a chance to use the 10 keys as all we had was just 2 channels -
DD1 and DD2 :)  Those were good . Myself and sister used to run from school ,
not to miss the Alladin cartoon they put in DD1 by 4.00PM .
Its on weekends we get to watch a movie in DD1 .
We hardly had some serials in DD1 , and those were really classic .
Not to mention the rush and hush , we had a great time with the TV.

Then came the Cable !!
Lots of channels , all time programs .
Lots to choose from ...
You dont need to run anymore to watch a cartoon program :)
You have channels dedicated for Cartoons , and channelds dedicated for films :)
DD1 and DD2 was no more a favourite ..
Then time came to buy the new BPL tv, with remote :p
Now we have cable to watch many channels and a remote in hand to sit and change the world
Thats cool . Someone is the operator and others just say , Next Next Next :)
From thrills to cheap adds, we sat together a lot of years in front of that box,
and time came after 10 years , that it started breathing its last breath ,
and we had the choice to choose from LCD to LED :)
Then i went to the shop, and found a pretty cool AKAI LED .
Now we still have the BPL . It works some how ...
Over the time , one thing we found missing ...
Sitting together and watching programs ...
When there were only two channels , the entire family sits together
and watchwed a program .
Now that we have many to choose from , we have choices.
Dad watching news channels , mom watching serials ,
sister watching music channels and me watching good same cartoons and Movies :p
With direct link to AV , we dont even need to walk to change the modes.
Life has changed , and so do we .

Friday, May 6, 2011

An old hobby :)

This is been pulled back . Today in my office , after almost two years gap, there it comes again !!

Photography competition !
I remember days when i was searching out for beautiful locations for Shoot !!
Early mornings and late nights , playing the shutter sppeds and lights !

That was long time back , when i was free , waiting for my first job , with almost 8 months gap after my graduation !! - Oh no ... It had nothing to do with me . It was a college placement and i have nothing to do with this ! It was an absolute break ! An absolute offer from GOD !

I learned some animation , some photography , and some music this time ....
Went for guitar classes, roamed around with camera to click anything that moves to anything that never moves :)  Bunked animation classes to go for new movies released , and it was a lot of fun ..

As i got stuck with my works and Photography never been my passion , but just a time passing hobby , i just stopped clicking ... Just like that !!

Now that after years , these competions reminds me of those days and i thought of posting some of my snaps which i took those days :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are we seeing any secure future here ??????

Are will living in a poisonous world ?
Its the new Facebook and Twitting Era !
Sitting at the comfort of our chair, we know whats happening around the people we want to know !!

What is the so much hype about this ?
Well lets re-wind a little ...
I know how my parents used to highlight their school days
and compare it with our days .
They can never be convinced of the beauty of the present !!
Our Internet, technology development , all are the reason .
Well .... to know what we missed , we really need to feel what we had !!
Recently i saw a post in one of my friend's facebook Wall, a very strange post!!
I am not going to retype what i read over there ... It was sooo strange that ,
when i checked his wall later after one day , his post is removed!!
The point is a person's stupidity will be realised later and he might remove it.
But this era has captured it . It captures every moment .
By the time you realise your stupidity , it would have been viewed by many !!
Mobiles are studded with 10 and 15 MP Cameras !!
Along with high speed Internet connections handy with everyone!!
Internet accessible from almost all devices !!

Years back,When people say something stupid , or do something stupid,
it stays maximum within a limited number of people .
But now the case is different !

Are we seeing any secure future here or a rather poisonous years ahead ,
with an eagle eye watching our moves daily ?

One day even Taj Mahal and other wonders will be digged out !!

We are digging out the Mayan remains and having fun!!
Yippee.... there is some skeleton . May be a Mayan King ?
Or Queen or at least a Mayan Servant ~!
Who knows , may be one day people will dig out Taj Mahal and say ...
Wow ... Good construction . This is made of Marble . Good ...
Life has changed a lot . One thing is clear .
We might be far from the Dinosaurs period ,
but not too far from the humans ,
but still we find gaps and doubts of how many places are hidden beneath the land and sea!!
How many civilisation vanished ?!!
How this gap was formed ?
What happened ?
Why even the Mayans who are really the best as claimed in reading the signs of nature
and following calendars which can detect the changes in the nature and the solar system ,
cant find the way to escape their death of the entire civilisation ?

Nature is great . It can create as well as destroy.
It was natures idea to create Mayan like many civilizations and make them live for some time ,
and then destroy them completely !!
Nature dint want us to dig and find it !!
But we did it .
So do the coming civilisations !!
So my thought is , why not the next generation digs out our culture one day
One day even Taj Mahal and other wonders will be digged out !!

If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it

7 wonders of the world !! If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it

I have been going through this just like that a striking interest felt in the 7 wonders of the world !
How this is decided !! who decides this ? And stuffs like that !!
This is the website which gives a lot of information on this topic :

The story goes like this :
Need to thank an Athens Engineer who came up with a list of 7 places in the world which he needs to travel and see ....
that's how this number 7  comes into action !!
Scientifically this number "7" is a great number .
This is according to the scientists, a number of things which a human brain can
remember as the number of things to be kept as remembering .

If we want to save anything, we first need to truly appreciate it!!
Lets check the present 7 wonders of the world
The Pyramid at Chichén Itzá
Christ Redeemer
The Roman Colosseum
The Great Wall of China
The Taj Mahal
Machu Picchu

and the best part is the there is a new list coming up !!
The 7 wonders of the nature's official declaration is going to happen on 11.11.2011.
Keep voting :

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mom's Birthday

May 3rd ....

I know how worse her year was - 2010 . We were together facing the worst days of our family. We still be together for everything . But this is one day in year, where we gift her and wish her .

I usually plan a lot for dear one's birthday . But this time there were no plans .
She lost her wrist watch some days back , and i thought a watch would be the perfect gift for her !

Way back from office bought her one ...
Time was not much left as most of the shops were closing, so i had to rush .

Missing those good old days ....

She was happy .

Happy Birthday Mom....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Now that he is dead........

Finally News Channels have a real BREAKING NEWS !!
"Ravana was killed by Raman"    Oops ... sorry ... thats an old news .

Osama was killed by Obama ... Hey, this sounds cool.
In fact just a letter is different !

World is fighting against Terror !

What happens when the Founder of an institution dies ?
Institution is closed down ?
Well the answer depends on many factors :

But its a sure "NO", when the founder has foreseen his death and planned everything ,
and made sure steps for running the institution even after his death !!

So ... now that he is dead ..... what next ?

Wait a min ....
Well how many times will you kill someone .
Is this an old news again ? :p

Lets hope the struggle for fighting the terror continues ...
Lets save the world .

Long live Peace ....

Friday, April 15, 2011

World ending Dream .

World ending Dream .
I know ... too much of movies , can make you a little creative.
But it was a little sentiments added to this thrill when i saw this horrified dream.
Yesterday i saw this dream :
Its pitch dark . We all have closed all the doors and windows.
Its actually in the morning 11.30 , but no electricity and the sky is dark .
Nothing is working . No mobile phones , no lights , no nothing ...
We know in some time the earth is going to crush and we all die.
I am in my home with my sister and parents.
Suddenly this huge rush of sounds of rocks crushing , water falls,
and its followed the same for about 15 minutes.
Thats it ...
I can see some light falling through the window. The glass is broken and i can see
a long clear vision , no buildings , nothing .
I saw around ... Parents and sister is alive.
I am alive to see them alive. Its over . We have survived this.

I opened the door and i see crushed buildings and dead people .
First thought was "Where is my girlfriend now , and how is she now ? "
Its just few kilometers from my house (In dream its just few kilometers. I real i need
to travel a day to meet her :)  ). I run to check if she is fine .
I saw her house intact . Happy . Signs of hope flushes my scared off heart.
Thug Thug . I knock the door . (Remember ? No electricity there :) )
Her dad opens the door . And says . "She is no more . Dont come here ,  Bye".
Slammm........ The door closes in front .
Actually the door of my Life closes in front of me .
I felt i am dead that moment.
Cried ....
Cried and ...
Cried ..
I am a guy who hear my heart before my brain .
Suddenly my brain told "Why would her dad have no feelings over her dead girl?"
"Why would he just say something like that"
I jumped up, and started climbing up the house to check out her room.
The pipe i used to climb is now broken :(
I found some cracks here and there and climbed all the way up .
THERE SHE IS !!!!!!!!!!!! Weeping over there in the corner of the room , like a baby :)

It was a trick played by a daughter's dad to avoid me .
God !!!! World End can also turn up to be good for some people .

We saw each other .
She was having the same happy and shocking feel seeing me .
(I understood , she was also shocked to her from her dad , that i am dead , LOL )
We got married and lived happily for ever :)

Ok . Now i woke up . Dream is over. Came back to reality :)
2012 is yet to come and we still are yet to get married :(

Scared ... Isnt it ?

Blogging from Office :)

My life now ..
Its been a hard time for me and my family last year .
So nothing can be worse ... Everything is great for me .
Have left my first job last year . Have almost touched my dream path,
by getting admission in FTII, Pune for Sound Engineering .
Now with a new job and have no complaints about anything .
Waiting for getting married to my sweetheart...
Started waiting for the next years FTII admission process .
Its good , afterall to blog from your office ,
shows how jobless today i am :)
Being a friday is great . Had a coffe with friends .
Now its shivering too much . Head counts have fallen greatly today ,
as many have left to their home towns as they got last two days Leave.
Seriously speaking, waiting is sweet when its for good.
I feel great today . Happy Blogging :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

its like this ...

its like this ...

you will never know what you are up to .
you think you plan everything and move, but
your plans are never working out.

next time you feel so sad and walk upset, you face
good luck and great things in life.

thats life.

Ok , philosophies are fine .
Back to business . After a break, getting ready for next year FTII
Thrill is much higher than last time.

Just waiting for them to publish the dates for form submission

Lets fullfill dreams ....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

find a grip :)

Evening , after a good sip of hot coffee ... stretching my fingers and planning to write.....
Its been over a month that i really wrote anything ...

I recall now the days when i used to think plans really put u on track .

But sometimes its not...

I am in my home now with my laptop, preparing myself for the weekend interviews, with already an offer in hand being refused as i cant sign a bond for two years.
Well .... what if i have no choice !
I dont know, but now i think this is what is right for me .
I should get a job...
Go for it , then next year this time i will be happy to say that i am in a top film institute in India.

Dream higher, and higher to the place where you think u cant reach ..
then if u reach that place one day, dream higher again ...
One day u will die dreaming :) But many of your dreams would have been achieved.

Life is short. I see me walking round the corner trying to get a hold of something , before i fall down.But its too late . I am now 25 :) Still on times slip and fall .

Falling makes a man stronger :) Stronger that the next time he falls , it hurts less :)

Humans have a very strong power. They cant fix what they need to remember and what they need to forget. Something else controls it. I remember finding a chocolae bar lying down and opening it without anyone seeing and enjoying it . Why do someone remember such unimportant things in life !! And by remembering that i dont know what all i have forgottn.

But now i feel happy . Tears are sometimes memories.
Tears show you are human.

Tired of it. I cant stop dreaming . And i will not
Cant find the grip again :)