Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One day even Taj Mahal and other wonders will be digged out !!

We are digging out the Mayan remains and having fun!!
Yippee.... there is some skeleton . May be a Mayan King ?
Or Queen or at least a Mayan Servant ~!
Who knows , may be one day people will dig out Taj Mahal and say ...
Wow ... Good construction . This is made of Marble . Good ...
Life has changed a lot . One thing is clear .
We might be far from the Dinosaurs period ,
but not too far from the humans ,
but still we find gaps and doubts of how many places are hidden beneath the land and sea!!
How many civilisation vanished ?!!
How this gap was formed ?
What happened ?
Why even the Mayans who are really the best as claimed in reading the signs of nature
and following calendars which can detect the changes in the nature and the solar system ,
cant find the way to escape their death of the entire civilisation ?

Nature is great . It can create as well as destroy.
It was natures idea to create Mayan like many civilizations and make them live for some time ,
and then destroy them completely !!
Nature dint want us to dig and find it !!
But we did it .
So do the coming civilisations !!
So my thought is , why not the next generation digs out our culture one day
One day even Taj Mahal and other wonders will be digged out !!

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