Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogging from Office :)

My life now ..
Its been a hard time for me and my family last year .
So nothing can be worse ... Everything is great for me .
Have left my first job last year . Have almost touched my dream path,
by getting admission in FTII, Pune for Sound Engineering .
Now with a new job and have no complaints about anything .
Waiting for getting married to my sweetheart...
Started waiting for the next years FTII admission process .
Its good , afterall to blog from your office ,
shows how jobless today i am :)
Being a friday is great . Had a coffe with friends .
Now its shivering too much . Head counts have fallen greatly today ,
as many have left to their home towns as they got last two days Leave.
Seriously speaking, waiting is sweet when its for good.
I feel great today . Happy Blogging :)

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