Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year ... Welcome 2013

2012 has been a fantastic year ....
Faced the most extreme situations to having the most memorising moments

2013 started very well with my parents , sister , and grand parents
Went to temple in the night :)
Called up dear ones and heard their voice

With lots of dreams and good heart , I wish this 2013 gives everyone in this world a beautiful stay on earth . With no bad thoughts among people , let us live in harmony

Let us all have a wonderful time to say by 2014 , 2013 was a fantabulous year by all means

Wishing each and every one a very Happy new Year

FTII Admission 2013

Such a fast notice appearing on the website is a little shocking and pleasing !!

Exam for the 2013 batch intake is on 19th May 2013

Each year many number of aspirants try ...

Lets hope for the best ...

All the best everyone ...

More information :

The Entrance Examination for all the courses will be held on 19.05.2013 (Sunday) (Date can be changed for unavoidable reasons), at the following centers:
Agartala, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Deharadun, Gangtok, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Imphal, Jaipur, Jammu, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Thiruvananthapuram
The prospectus containing the application form and other details may be obtained on request along with a demand draft of Rs. 2150/- for General Category and Rs. 650/- for SC, ST and Economically Backward (candidates should enclose attested copy of Parent's BPL card with the application form) drawn on any of the Nationalised Banks in favour of "Accounts Officer, Film and Television Institute of India,"payable at Pune.

Srno.ParticularsBy PostBy HandOnline
1.Date of Issue of Prospectus21/01/201321/01/201321/01/2013
2.Last date of Issue of Prospectus22/02/201316/03/2013
5.00 p.m.
5.00 p.m.
3.Last date of receipt of Filled Applications16/03/201316/03/2013
5.00 p.m.
5.00 p.m.
Requests for prospectus by post will be entertained only after 21st January, 2013 and till 22nd February, 2013. Prospectus can also be obtained personally from the information and facilitation counter (Tutorial Section), Film and Television Institute of India and you may also apply online till 16th March, 2013 on .
The prospectus will be sent by Speed Post. Candidates are advised to see that completed applications should reach in time. The Institute would not be responsible for postal delay, if any, regarding failure to reach application forms in time.
Correspondence address for prospectus and submission of completed application form :
Controller of examinations
Film & Television Institute of India
Law College Road,
Pune - 411 004
For queries related to admissions:
Phone : 020 - 25431817 / 25430017 / 25430363 / Ext. 223,
020 - 25425656 (Direct line)

E-mail :
Website :

Friday, December 28, 2012

Delhi Gang Rape Victim No more .....

One of our sister died today . I have never seen her nor had the guts to face her, and I feel ashamed for the same ... She was raped by a group of animals :( 
For the pain she faced in such a short period of time , I wished she killed them. 
For the People by the People and all is riddle !! May be a good bedtime story for this generation kids !! Out of highest level of sadness , I have to write this ... Sisters .....Please ... Please take care of yourself . Have a pepper spray in your bag always . Be alert . May be have a good bunch of trustworthy friends around , and always keep this in mind that only you can save you .... Please take care .... We live in paradise where people wait years for the judgment day . May be when the judgment day comes , it might be a new generation living to read the news of a decade old crime's judgment !! Who knows !! May be the criminals would have had a normal death by then . RIP dear .................................. :(

This is a sad day for humans ...
For how animals and humans are different and how we are unable to differentiate humans and animals anymore ....

We live in a bad place 

RIP dear :(

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Safest place on earth this 21st December ?!!!!

The one question which arise to many is -- what if the Government knows and We dint !!
What if this really is going to happen ?

Where will be the safest place on earth or there is no place at all ?

Mayan Apocalypse is heading and a small town is all set to offer stay for price range of $1600 per night !! This is what the residents of Bugarach Town want to say :

This is the only place on Earth which is going to survice Armageddon !!
For those who haven't watched the famous hollywood film Armageddon , and who doesn't know what it is - Its actually an asteroid which is expected to hit the earth on doomsday !!
And as this is the only place which people believe is the place

Modern interpretations of the forecast, heavily stoked by internet rumour, predict that aliens will emerge from their 'spaceship garage' hidden deep within the town's imposing Pic de Bugarach mountain and pluck anyone in the vicinity to safety.

Article ....

Where as there are actually palces build and sold for this sole purpose !!

And there are actually places where they are buildings built to save people during these times !!
Like in the movie dec 21 2012 !!

When the entire world says that it could be or not be tomorrow .
But the point is if something really is going to happen , where would we we stay to be safe ?

safest place on earth = your home .
If you are to die, you will die . thats all .....
No one can exactly say anything .
There are a lot of things which humans doesnt know
But one thing we know is that , we can stay happy by loving our loved ones and staying happy with what we have .
So lets be happy and loe everyone and live happily ....


I always tried to get a close up expression of squirrels
But never got one until today ...

Taken with my mobile :)

for more ...

This picture got published in THE HINDU :)

On a rainy day

Sunday, November 25, 2012

51 things to do before Dec 21 2012 , just in case :P

51 things to do before Dec 21 2012 , just in case :P

Now that its predicted , I wanted to start preparing the list of things to do before Dec 21 2012 , just in case !  :P

  1. Learn and Dance the gangnam style !!
  2. Kiss that neighbour chick !!
  3. Get Married with your girl friend !!
  4. Post anything you want to tell in  facebook, for there will be no one to put you in jail!!
  5. Kill Justin Bieber !!
  6. Enjoy thinking that blackberry and apple are just going to be fruits again !!
  7. Take a snap with A R Rahman (the music director)
  8. Post all rubbish in everyone's facebook wall :P
  9. Go Bungee jumping
  10. Write in a paper ,things you want to tell God and put it in a bottle , seal it and thrown into the ocean
  11. Give your girlfriend a kiss and tell her how much you love her .
  12. Tell your parents sorry for all the mistakes you have done and tell them how much you love them
  13. Call you x Boss and then you know what to do :P
  14. Drink and drive
  15. Enjoy a pouring rainy day
  16. Go have food from a five star hotel and run away without paying :P
  17. Shout out loud as loud as possible !!
  18. Kiss a total stranger :P
  19. Get into a classroom and act as if you are a new teacher and play the trick
  20. Got to a meditation class and yell out in the middle :P
  21. Eat a worm
  22. Forgive all your enemies and call them and say that you forgive them
  23. Watch the best porn :)
  24. Run naked on roof during rain :)
  25. Go for a trip with no luggage
  26. face your worst fear
  27. Ring few door bells and give them free sweets
  28. Cook and serve
  29. Eat and Sleep
  30. Fart out loud !!
  31. Hug few strangers
  32. Call your role model and say hi
  33. Pray and thank for all the good and bad you had in this life
  34. Meet all your dear ones.
  35. Donate Blood
  36. Adopt a child
  37. plant a weed
  38. Kick someone's ass
  39. Spend till my last penny , and keep that last penny for donation
  40. order a big cake and jump on it
  41. Be a superman by wearing underwear outside
  42. Take pictures where it says no photos allowed
  43. say sorry to those whom you are supposed to be sorry
  44. make funny faces of kids who shout through their school van
  45. Buy some kids whatever they ask for
  46. Cycling and running
  47. Answer those marketing calls and talk to them for hours asking for the different offers like you are going to buy them all
  48. Don’t flush the toilet
  49. Spend a day with orphans.
  50. Cry once like never before
  51. Write on walls and rocks that "you were here once!!"

Market even over Dengue !!!

When most of us where shocked over the spreading news of Dengue and Ajmal Qasab, some people were burning their
heads to get this Dengue to get their business running !!

That's what marketing is and that's how it is !!

If you are head ache medicine maker , give head aches to people and get your sales ratio high !!
And what's more required when the headache is already there !!

Market it....

Ok , this is regarding a mail which i got today in my gmail !!
I wonder why Gmail sends all my important mails to spam folder and all these craps to inbox !!
But this one really helped me to write this !!

Thinking different and on time saves your business ....
Here it is :)

Reg Ajmal Dengue newz , source is :

Ajmal News Source

With Increasing number of causalities to this fever , its better to know a bit about it take some precautions :

About Dengue

Dengue is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with any one of the four dengue viruses. It occurs in tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world. Symptoms appear 3—14 days after the infective bite. Dengue fever is a febrile illness that affects infants, young children and adults.

Symptoms range from a mild fever, to incapacitating high fever, with severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, and rash. There are no specific antiviral medicines for dengue. It is important to maintain hydration. Use of acetylsalicylic acid (e.g. aspirin) and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g. Ibuprofen) is not recommended.

Dengue haemorrhagic fever (fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, bleeding) is a potentially lethal complication, affecting mainly children. Early clinical diagnosis and careful clinical management by experienced physicians and nurses increase survival of patients.

Source : WHO article on Dengue

Health-worker checking for larvae in plastic container.

Important Information Provided by Govt of India 

This is a very valuable document by Govt of India :

Govt of India Information Article on Dengue

Mosquito-breeding usually goes down during winter, which leads to a drop in dengue cases !!
So its not a bad time for humans , but precaution is a little better !!

And for marketing people , this is raining of opportunity :P

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Filmy Sounds

Sound in Indian Films

Sound in films is not a new thing .
But a proper understanding of this field is still a new thing .....

Films on early days .....

Seeing people walking and doing actions .... Not in real life ... But on a white screen ... Wow .....
But the WOW effect was not lasted for long ....

Something was missing , and it was "SOUND"....

Talkies .....

Now people are no more interested in just seeing things or Musicians playing in the side to create mood.
They lost the love in once WOWed upon thing -- the Silent movies ...

The Silence was broken once and for all ...

We need the screen to speak ...
We need to hear new sounds ...
We need to hear the people in the screen ....

Music and Sound .... Makes the picture complete .....

But why Sound is not given importance ?
Why Sound is given the least importance ?

Sound Credits are scrolling some where invisible,
where as every one knows Direction , Editing , Cinematography, Music Direction , Acting ....

Sound as a department itself dint exist among Indian Audience until recently a man from a small village in Kerala , pulled India's name to the Oscars by winning the Best Sound Mixing in 2010 ....

Its non other than Resul Pookutty

Since then many people came to know that there is something called Sound Department which works behind the Screens which is the main reason for all the sounds we hear in Television and Movie Theaters ....

I myself was interested in working in Films from my School days .
I used to think that Music Director is the one who make all the sound recording , and also music in films .

We are happy that one man got the opportunity to change this illiteracy among many and now many including me are dreaming to learn the technique of Sound Recording ....

FTII , the best institute in India for film studies have reported a huge increase in applications for Sound Engineering since 2010 .

I gave my first try in FTII on 2010 , when i was not able to get through .

Since then my way of watching movies have changed .
I just dont watch a movie , I hear a movie ....

I never saw a critic reviewing on a movie technically
In fact not much people would love to read such reviews .

But i felt we should reciew a movie with respect to every aspect
Its a project which is struggld by manyyy people .

So we cant just judge or review a movie on the Directorial or Acting part.

I have started writing this blog on a intention to review movies with respect to Sounds .

Hope to start coming up with many reviews soon ...

Yekshi (Devil)

I was studying in St'Joseph HSS, Trivandrum .
Once every month , during the school assembly, our school principal used to release story books created (hand made by students with drawing and their own stories) !!
It was fun during those days to compete among each to make the best book with best stories .

It was once during such an attempt , I wrote a malayalam book named YEKSHI - the evil !!
It got a very good response among the friends , that they asked me to give it to them for few days to read !! Thing was I gathered some patches from here and there and wrote the book !!

But the very impact thing was the front cover !!
I drew a girl closeup face picture which got immense response !!
The story was about a girl who died , but started living in the society ...
It was kind of like a Zombie story :)
But those were the time I have never seen a zombie story or have heard of it !!

Thats why it got huge response !
But it had a very strange effect over me !!

From the day I finished the book , I started having sleepless nights .
It would be too much if i say that i never slept for almost a month time , but it was true .
No sleep at all .... just cant sleep. once i close my eyes , i started seeing strange irrelevant things

I was not able to understand why i was not able sleep at all .
i told my mom and she asked me to go and pray well
i prayed well the next day and still i was not able to stop seeing strange thing once i close my eyes !!

I kept on thinking why this is happening and one fine day i thought it might be this book which i wrote is the reason for the strange negative wave around me !!

But it was one of the best books made by any children of that class - and i loved it like anything .
But as days went on , this thought creeped in that one sunday afternoon , i took the hard decision to burn that book ..

I felt very bad and asked my mom if i can burn it .
she said , if you feel that the boo is the reason for your sleeplessness , then you can burn it .
It gave me some sort of calm feel that if i burn it , i might get sleep !!

I took the book , burnt it and waited till its completely burnt !!

It was shocking !!
I slept that day ...
after so  many days i slept !!
and it was not any more a trouble for me to sleep !!

Strange but true ...

Believe it or Not !!!

International Film Festival of India

43rd IFFI held at Goa was inagurated today

RIP Rahul Dasgupta Sir

RIP Rahul Dasgupta Sir

"We are our own Visitors , We are our own Ghosts" -- Rahul Dasgupta ....

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Woman - God Himself dint knew the meaning

Wah .... Never ever one can define a woman !!

Her heart is soo complicated that it can teach you anything !!

She is mom , sister , best friend , teacher , girl friend , soul mate ,

and wah ...

still dont know what a woman is ...

she is different and Godly ....

She loves you and kiss your heart .

What a heart ever wanted is never known in her absence ...

A heart's wave is started by her and she walks with it till you say no to her .

She makes you think what you thought is what you should not think !!

She makes you dream and comes in your dream to make sure you dream ...

She wakes you up with a deep lift which lifts your soul to lift the entire world !!

She is the God and Devil in you ...

She is the love and hate in you ...

She is the veins which decides where your blood should flow

She knows what you know to teach you what you never knew

She asks you to walk alone while hiding behind praying you to walk safe

She knows to cry like God and she knows to smile like a devil

She is the God and Devil in you ,

and yet you search for her , for her unknown meaning .....

Life is full-filled when and only when i know the true meaning of woman ....

For She is the only meaning , God himself never kew , for which he created the world

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Life is the best Film :)

One's Own Life is the most beautiful film One can see ….
How many characters ....
How many emotions ….
How many breaks ....
It makes you crave for care, love , and 
It makes you raise your emotions for seeing your loved ones ,
It makes you cry for seeing your loved ones leaving you ,
It teaches you to sit calm to wait for breaks which might come or never comes ,
And it teaches you to accept unwanted breaks to make you bold to face breaks yet to come ,

In the end , It just matters how you watched your film , cause you are the film .....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Came First ?

Literally this question troubled me from the time i remember ...
we are humans, we are in earth , earth is just a planet , among trillions of stars and galaxies ,
and from where it all started ?

this is one fucked up question .i usually think all these kind of wierd questions in te night .
cause it gets me sleep ... u can let ur imagination float in no where ....

God created all these ? Then How God formed ?
I am a believer of God ! I worship God ...
so I am not trying to proove anything here .... but just strange question !!
Its true that i have not got the answer ....

Big Bang Theory ....
ok what before that ?
nothing is impossible !!

yes .... nothing is impossible ....
so there could be no such answer as nothing ....
but there should be nothing !!

what came first ?

The Unwanted Visitor - Death

it was a long time ago ,
when i was in school …around 3rd or 4th standard !!

i was in kerala that time ….
a small boy who sits on the petrol tank of bike and gets driven all the way to school by his dad .
wearing a half pant or rather called a trouser , i usual get my legs heated up by the heat of the metal tank …

i remember a lady staying in a nearby house . she was of my mother's age that time .
she was a school teacher and she had a daughter of my age …

she likes me a lot . when ever she passes by my house , she stops by and gives me a toffee and pats on my head…
(i am sure she would not have liked me if she was my teacher :) )
i liked her too :) for that i have not seen someone who is a teacher and loves kids !! and more important , i get my toffee almost every day …

it was  a routine and it became like my right to get the toffee each time she see me or i see her …
days went by and i dint see her ….
i asked my mom one day about her …

i don't remember what my mom replied that day 
but i started forgetting her as days passed by….
she was no more coming that way and giving me toffee ….

fews days or months later ,  i was coming back from school and a stranger passes by and smiled at me …..
he was bald and lean and  he was actually accompanied by another fat man …..
i know this man …….
the fat man who accompanied the bald fellow was the husband of the lady who used to give me toffees

that day when mom came back from office, i asked her what i saw .
who is that and why was he holding another bald man ?

she said to my shock that the bald man i saw was actually the lady who used to give me toffee and she got cancer …
i knew it was not easy for me to understand what really happened …
i had many questions like , why she shaved her head ?
why would some one do like that to themselves ? 
i know that mom really tried to tell me what it is , but i was not convinced !!
what is cancer ?
how would people loose hair when cancer comes ?
what is this ?

i felt a little sad the next following days (now not for the toffee , but for her )
because when she smiled , the last time she saw me , i dint smile back , as i thought its some strange balm man smiling at me !!

i walked to her house .
i was not really bold to knock at the door , as i thought she would be angry seeing me , as i dint smile last time (i was silly as i was a kid)
i remember very clearly me going till that house but not knocking the door .
once or twice i saw one or two people standing outside the house , and when asked where the aunty is , they would say she is sleeping or something ….

few weeks back , i saw a crowd outside her house and i came to know that she is dead .

life is not so easy all the times , right ?
the most important thing in life is relationships ….
it could be anyone - friends , family , relatives, teachers ,  anyone …..
its like how much happiness you got from someone in your life time, u will face that much pain all together when you loose them !!

death is a strange visitor
It comes as a surprise to our life and takes us leaving all our life behind there ….
there are no doors which can be closed n front of that visitor .

everything right now is right now .
there could be no later .
we can always know the first , but we never know the last.

we will never know the last time we see someone …..
its better to love everyone and expect nothing back ….

happy to live the moment to write this :)
when i realise now that the old man was the same lady i used to see and get toffees from daily ,
but i dint smile back when she smiled the last time , its something not explainable 
it doesn't change anything or it is not much of sense here …

But i know that life is like a movie played with no fast forward , rewind , pause buttons and we are audience glued to seats and when the movie ends , it ends for ever :)

crazy :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Beauty of Dreams

In dreams

see people who are no more with us .
meets new people .

marry girl friend without any family fights .
kids !

getting the dream job

unable to run fast to escape from getting killed
everything moving fast other than us

flying (literally)

filthy rich ....


Saturday, September 29, 2012

FTII student drowns in pool at institute

FTII student drowns in pool at institute.

When I got this news , I felt terribly sad .
It was around his course completion party .

Spent the last 5 years in FTII is nothing small .
5 days in this campus itself is a memory which will last for ever !!
5 years in the campus with lots and lots of dreams , and good friends around .

Its sad .

May his soul Rest in Peace and let God give strength to his family and friends .
He lived and died in FTII :(

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Kick

Wonder if God gave me the power to keep the kick I get when am drunk , even when am not drunk !!
I dont know how this liquid plays woonders

It kicks the most beautiful art in you
It shows you a new you
And it make you feel the real hidden life in everything
Music is never better , Sound is fading and your heart listens
Basically u start using your heart to listen


I dont feel bad to get the name as addicted ...
As i love to be :)

Real Dream

Real Dream is the one which wont let you sleep 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Welcoming MacBook Pro and ProTools HD

Students Discount helped me atleast

Getting my hands on a mac was a dream ...
And running a proTool HD is under the process :)

Herez my new mac :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Life at FTII starts by 30th August 2012

Since i wrote the blog :

I got many friends who commented and supported through mails and chats to move forward towards my dream .It was a wonderful time with everyone and it was very inspiring .
I take this chance to thank each and everyone who stood with me , and will stand hereafter in my life ..
And also my parents and my dear ones who supported as well as critisesed me over my activities :)

This is a great moment in my life and I would like to mention some very special people in my life who inspired and helped me do something in my life: My parents and teachers,My sister,relatives and friends,Salini,Ajayan,Subramani,Arun,Aakash Kulkarni, Vipul, Manish , Amar and Rakesh Anand !!
Be with me in the path ahead .

Today I got the mail from Institute that the classes for this year will start by August 30th and am super excited for this moment !!
Life is nothing without some good people to share it with , and am lucky that I got many ...

Love you all .....

What ever it takes .........

This part of writing gives me real happiness. I am going to express a true lot of incidents and accidents in my path towards finding myself !!
My Life was an unplanned trip. Always ends up with something less or more !!
But it really worked for me . It gave me a hidden truthful lesson to get a prepared trip !!
Now I believe that am walking though a planned path . A seat in the great Film and Television Institute of India, Pune for Sound recording Course . A supportive group of people around, a good vision and a 5 year plan in heart , a laptop to scribble all I want and a place to post all my thoughts

But to reach here , it took a lot out of me !!
But before I talk a lot about myself , let me tell you something very clearly .
Even now , what I say or claim as a planned path is a planned path for just me
For my relatives and even for my mother , it’s the most stupid decision I have or anyone could possible take in ones  life . But I have been a stupid for myself all these years , until now !!
So stupidity is subjective and as I am writing here , I am subjective over my side

I always had a coffee and chat with the toughest times ….
It gives a one to one dealing with how you can be more crazier !!
Days just went and I loved the craziness in me .
I started understanding that I am not dead and I have something in me to live for …
A deep passion , like we heard in the movie INCEPTION !
An idea …. An Idea , once implanted into ones mind, is soo powerful that it can change a lot !

I have a kid within me yelling out for a lot different things .
Having nothing was always my feel , when everyone described me as the perfect life with everything
A day or the other I ask myself , is it worth to do what ever we want ?
If it makes you happy and feel like living , yes !
If it makes you feel good , and do more, yes ….
I had unhappy days of doing all sort of things which never wabted to do, but did .
Starting from changing of many schools in my life (I finished my schooling in a total of 4 schools), followed by getting into engineering college instead of an arts of college , then going to a regular job sitting in front of computers and not doing anything creative at all ….

Life was horrible . But in between I tried to do something which makes me feel good.
Watching movies always was a medicine for me .
I got my queen of my life , and I met her during my first job in software .
The only reason I have to say that I am happy about my first job !

Then it was her inspiration to find a better me in me !
She found my interest in music and sound recording .
It was during my first job in a company called UST Global, when I was a little active in singing, composing and recording songs and sounds , that I found my good interest lies in Sound recording .
I bought a Philips Dynamic Microphone – SBC MD150 from Music world and a sennheiser headphones !!I dint know what to do with it , but I wanted to record professional quality sound .
I bought some headphones , and some wires and joined a guitar class .
I recorded some sounds , but it dint really come up well.
Noise was every where !!
Then I decided to do something for this .

Then came FTII …..
A new chapter in my life .
It was on 2008 …
I was researching in internet over this , and she pointed out FTII is the best place to learn about sound recording !!
Then I did some research and understood what she said is right !!
But we came to know the sad news that just 2 days back they closed the intake of forms for that year . Thus we missed the deadlines …
Then waited for one long year , and gave my first attempt , years went on and many things happened in my life – Both good and Bad ….
And this year , I am getting into FTII .

Finally the question is
Are you happy ?
Yes , I am …..

That’s all it takes and matters
Do what ever you want and what ever it takes,
happiness is all it matters .....

Story is not over yet ....
Finding oneself is a beautiful process and it goes on ......

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FTII Dream has finally come true

After years of wait and dreaming , the day has come finally to enter the great place !
Finally selected for one year certificate course in Sound ....

It was a little disappointing in fact when I got to know that I am not chosen for the film sound but for the TV sound . But its a great thing to see that I have made it up there as one among the 12 in television   sound !! It makes me feel really happy and a proud moment to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who supported me and still supports me to reach here and still stands with me for the coming days to make my future bright ..

Thanks every one !! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A trip to Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram, now officially called Mamallapuram is a must place to visit . Its a great surprise when i hear that there were totally 7 temples , out of which only one survived - The shore Temple , which i visited today . All the others are under sea ? What happened to those ? 

Anyways what is left tells the story of Dravidian Architecture . It was a great day , as i got the chance to visit such a beautiful place and also got a chance to take some snaps . Thanks to Satish and his friend . Thanks for calling me for this great trip :)

 a local myth exists, that the god Indra became jealous of this earthly city, and sank the other 6 temples during a great storm, leaving only the Shore Temple above water. Interesting !! 

Some local fishermen have reported seeing some temples glittering beneath the waves when they were fishing ... In brief , this is a great place to visit . 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Step towards my dream :)

Wah ....

It was a moment to freeze and replay .
It was the most happiest moment in my recent days ..

Results of written exam ...
And what ...

Called in for both film and TV Course ...

I called up a friend who wrote exam in my same center (chennai) and got to know he also got through the exam ....
Felt great to know that he also got through as he shares many common views (he also waited 3 years for this moment)

Its excitement  !!

All is well ....
The wait was beautiful ... 3 years :)
Loads of burdens came in between .
I was blessed with beautiful people around me like my mom , sister, dad , my girl friend , who helped me cross these and reach here now.

I remember craving to attend the Kerala Film Festivals during School days.
They hang huge banners , and there are 2 theaters on the way to my school .
I always wanted to get in , and i thought any one can buy a ticket for the day show and watch a film
Once i even tried to peep in , but then i was asked to move out , as i dint have the Card. (i dint knew that time i need a card to go there .)

FTII ....... am coming ......
Waiting to sit under wisdom tree and get some divine powers :) Ha  Ha   ....

I know its a lill too much to react this much for exam .
But somewhat feels i will get through this year ... (fingers crossed)

Lets see :)

FTII 2012 Results are out .....


Guys ....

FTII 2012 results are out !!

Candidates with following Seat numbers have been short listed for orientation and interview for admission in Diploma in Cinematography" at FTII, Pune.

Diploma in Cinematography:
B01003 D01004 D01007 D01017 E01002 G01004 H01028 K01013 K01017 N01010 N01012 N01013 N01022 P01002 P01003 P01034 P01035 P01044 P01046 P01053 P01057 P01058 Q01013 Q01033 Q01052 R01003 S01025 S01034 U01002 U01004 V01003 V01005 V01013 V01015 V01019 V01045 V01049 V01057 V01059 V01061

Diploma in Direction:
B02006 D02010 D02027 E02031 G02032 H02008 L02010 N02025 N02042 N02043 N02047 N02059 N02070 P02010 P02013 P02036 P02043 P02052 P02059 P02060 P02072 P02086 P02088 P02099 Q02024 Q02035 Q02060 Q02100 Q02125 Q02133 Q02134 Q02187 R02007 S02011 S02033 S02036 S02053 S02097 S02164 S02174 V02046 V02058

Diploma in Editing:
C03002 D03001 H03002 J03002 J03003 K03001 K03012 L03001 N03016 N03023 O03005 O03008 O03010 P03003 P03004 P03007 P03020 P03024 Q03009 Q03010 Q03016 Q03017 Q03030 Q03037 Q03043 Q03047 Q03048 S03001 S03003 S03006 S03012 S03018 S03025 S03048 S03058 U03001 U03003 V03008

Diploma in Sound
C04001 D04005 D04006 E04001 E04003 F04002 H04002 H04006 H04008 L04001 N04001 N04003 N04006 P04007 P04012 P04013 Q04007 Q04009 Q04010 Q04011 R04001 S04007 S04009 S04014 S04015 S04017 S04019 S04021 S04025 S04026 V04001 V04006 V04007 V04008 V04009 V04010 V04011

Diploma in Art Direction:
C06001 C06003 M06001 M06002 M06003 N06002 Q06002 Q06003 Q06005 Q06006 Q06009 Q06014 Q06015 S06002 S06005 S06007 S06008 S06011 S06012 S06017 S06018 S06020 S06021 S06023 S06024 S06025 S06029 S06030 S06031 S06033 S06034 S06035 V06001 V06002 V06004

Certificate Course in Screenplay Writing :
C07001 D07001 D07003 D07006 D07007 D07008 E07001 H07004 H07008 K07004 M07001 O07003 P07001 P07004 P07006 P07009 P07013 P07016 P07022 Q07007 Q07014 Q07022 Q07023 R07001 R07003 S07005 S07010 S07014 S07018 S07020 S07023 S07028 S07031 S07032 S07034 S07035 V07003 V07005 V07006 V07008

Certificate Course in Electronic Cinematography:
C10004 C10006 D10003 E10005 H10006 H10017 H10018 K10005 K10010 K10012 K10016 K10025 L10004 O10001 P10002 P10014 P10021 P10026 Q10011 Q10022 Q10025 Q10031 Q10039 S10002 S10003 S10010 S10011 S10016 S10020 S10022 S10026 S10035 T10001 V10003 V10012 V10015 V10021 V10022 V10023 V10024

Certificate Course in TV Direction:
B11005 G11008 J11001 K11001 K11030 L11005 N11015 N11020 N11021 N11025 O11015 O11017 P11009 P11013 P11021 P11030 P11036 P11041 P11050 Q11016 Q11017 Q11020 Q11038 Q11051 Q11073 Q11082 Q11089 Q11092 Q11095 Q11102 Q11104 S11046 S11069 S11083 T11004 T11007 V11007 V11018 V11027 V11028

Certificate Course in Video Editing:
B12001 C12003 D12007 D12008 E12009 E12012 H12001 J12001 J12007 K12002 K12006 L12002 N12003 N12012 N12016 P12007 Q12002 Q12005 Q12007 Q12012 Q12013 Q12015 Q12016 Q12017 Q12023 Q12035 S12002 S12005 S12007 S12011 S12024 S12034 S12035 S12054 U12001 U12003 V12002 V12005 V12009

Certificate Course in Sound Recording and TV Engineering:
B13001 D13004 E13001 E13002 E13004 F13002 H13001 J13001 L13001 P13003 P13005 Q13001 Q13005 Q13009 Q13010 Q13012 S13001 S13002 S13005 S13006 S13009 S13010 S13013 S13016 S13020 S13021 S13022 S13023 S13024 S13026 S13031 V13001 V13003 V13005

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FTII 2012 Entrance Exam Questions and Answers

This year i have written the FTII entrance exam for  :

  1. Three Year Post Graduate Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design and 
  2. One Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Sound Recording and TV Engineering

on 6th May 2012 (Sunday) at Kendriya Vidhyala , Tambaram , Chennai.

Its a 30 KM Drive from city , and had a good time speeding through the NH .
Met many aspirants who share many common dreams

This years exam was a different experience for me .
Having written and cleared the entrance on 2010 , and went through orientation and was put in waiting list and became unlucky to wait not just days but till the next entrance exam , which was held this year .

It was a long gap as there were no admissions on 2011 .
This one year made me go crazy behind movies , with attending film festivals ,
travelling , working in between in a software company , watching films , reading and sleeping ....

So the sunday was a long waited day , for me to write the exam the second time .
Personally felt the GK sections and descriptive were made easier ...

The introduction of the objective type style itslef reduced the burden
Surprised to see that there were not much of Technical questions in the descriptive.

Expected some basic questions on Physics, Speakers, Microphones, Acoustics, etc ....

I wanted to share some of the questions i remember so that it will be useful for myself and others aspirants who are preparing for future exams .

Keeping one thing in mind is always helpful for any one . FTII dont keep a standard style of questions . They dont look out for Geeks . They look out for people who love art . Obviously the one who love some thing should know many things about it . Thats the logic in their questions . They havent asked any dance and asked for which state it belongs to (which is a very comon question).  But they asked it in a differnt way - Shovana NArayan is assiciated with what art - For those who know she is a Kathak dancer, its easy to take out the answer from the 4 options as "Classical Dancer" . Kathak is a classical dance form originated from Uttar Pradesh .

Irrespective of various groups like sound , cinematography, Direction , Editing , the reason for why FTII insists on asking every one the set of common questions in GK is because we all share the common path even though we do technically a different job . We will all make films , which is a very powerful tool ...

So loving what we do is a good option.
But doing what we love is always the best option .

Here are some of the questions i remember which came for this year exam .

3 year diploma in sound questions

Common Section for all groups included GK - 20 questions .
Objective type .  (I remember only 11 now )

GK (Common Section)

Shovana Narayan is associated with    -- dance

cotton , industrialist, congressman , closely related to mahatma gandhi ---- > Jamnalal Bajaj

Kutty ,Shankar , Vijayan ... with what are these people related to = cortoonists

jude felix is assosiated with which game or sport = Hockey

agent vinod film directed by = sriram raghavan

main hoon na music director is : anu malik

My FrozenTturbulence in Kashmir  is written by : Jagmohan

Dr joon lew of korea,the recipient of international Gandhi award,is known for his service in which field : Eradication of leprosy

the real name of Akshay Kumar =  Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia

Kalachakra ceremony assosiated with == buddhism

indina isntitute of community dev is located at  : uttaranchal

short notes on  *(Common)

The film society movement in india

NFAI and its influence on Indian Cinema - national film archive of india

Future of film

The impact of film and television on the younger generation of india

sound related


1.Tell 2 movies which you liked and disliked with respect to sound
2.Tell the importance of sound in the films .With a film as reference


1 year course in sound

GK (Common)

GK for 1 year course was not objective .
it were all fill in the blanks type, but most of them were easy ...

steve jobs co founder of --------  Ans : Apple Inc
1 TB = how many GB   Ans : 1024 GB
Bahadur shah buried in ?   And : Burma
Hurt Locker director : Kathryn Bigelow.
Dirty picture direftor : Milan Luthria
Who is considered the father of the Indian space programme? Ans: Dr Vikram Sarabhai.
Prithvi theater founder in the memorial of "Prithviraj Kapoor"
----------  was the first capital of India . Ans : Calcutta
Head quarters of Al Jazeera TV -- Ans : Qatar
Aspect ration is TV is the ratio between ---- and -----
(Horizontal and vertical pixels)

short notes on : (common)
10 mark each

urban challeneges to ecological balance
Anna movement and media impact on that
Raja Ravi varma and 4 other artists (forgot the other 3)
ethical censorship

sound specific
TV sound and film sound difference
tv program u liked and u disliked . explain why ?
Difference btw live sound and dubbed sound
Write any 2 of the following - NTSC, MPEG , DVD, HD

One interesting thing i heard from some people who came to write exam are :
High level of influence is required to get in FTII .

It was funny enough . All the students who got in along with me last year through exam are just simple guys ,
who are really talented and they all got with their talents .

The selection Crew of FTII are reputed people in the resective streams.
There is noooo descrimination there , and they give space for any one .
Irresptive of his financial or influential backgrounds, his caste . his place of education , etc .

Its pure merit based , and in fact that is why FTII stands way ahead in Film Institutes .

Now its time again to check the website daily to see if i cracked this year written exam or not :)

All the best everyone ...
Take care :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FTII Entrance Exam 2012

Most Awaited day has come ...
FTII conducting their exam to select students for various course .

After writing the 2010 exam , waiting for one year was pain as FTII announced there will be no intake during 2011 . But this one year taught me more than what i was when i went to FTII on 2010 for the one week orientation programme .

Hoping that this year can get in ..

With working , and with tight projects going on , its real difficult to take a prepare something for exam .
With what i have learnt about cinema as a common man in these years, going to give the second attempt for my tiny step for my huge leap towards exploring Cinema . If all goes well , should be called in for an orientation program which i can never miss . This one year's waiting was fueled and drive me without any fail because of what the orientation gave me

Wisdom Tree ...
Late night dance and songs ...
Walking with freedom of thought ...
Surrounded by people of same wave lengths
The stories of greatest people who passed out .
The places where many diploma movies discussions happened ...
The great Prabhat Studio . . .

miss FTII .....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I studied in the light of a kerosene lamp

The dialogue of old people "I studied in the light of a kerosene lamp"
Big Deal !!!!

When there is a single light, with no sounds of tv serials and other programms running ,
and no other disturbing sounds like mixy running or even the screetchin fan sounds,
its the best place to study :)

Its very easy to get full concentration.

Do it now , then u r great !!

tv running 24/7 . Speakers shouting out political lies or songs for temples,
the sudden melodious ringtone from mobile phone, the bells,
the kitchen sounds, sounds sounds sounds ...

and to make things worse , light everywhere ...
where should i sit and study ...

many choices .... should lie on sofa and read or enjoy the comfort of chair and table with all lights around 
or with walking in marble flooring with ac on ?????

WTH ... with all these comforts, u can concentrate on a boring thing like study or its tought to concentrate where there are literally no entertainment around ,
and to increase the beauty of it , u have just one single calm glowing light kept to pull all ur attention like when doing meditation :)

So when someone says they studied in the light of a kerosene ,
please dont arguewith them, but have a self happiness that we are actually more great :)

I want to do sound engineering , and the most challenging part of any sound engineer i know is to avoid as much noise as possible to get the perfect sound (required sounds alone). Which has always been the toughest part ... Sound can come anywhere .... and we call the unwanted sounds as "Noise". 

Sound always fascinated me from childhood ...

Remember the excitement i had when i got the first transistor (small portable FM Radio). 
The first time i heard a song using headphones,
the first time i recorded sounds in magnetic tapes :)

And infact the first time i got beaten up by mom , for accidently recording junk on a newly bought music cassete :)

Love my childhood ....

Love life 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soumitra Chatterjee named for Dada Saheb Phalke Award

Soumitra Chatterjee named for Dada Saheb Phalke Award : 

As with the usual timings , the Greatest Indian Award for Film Industry is announced for the year 2012

And the Award goes to the LEgendary Bengali Actor : Soumitra Chatterjee



"I am extremely happy. Till this evening I had not thought of this award. 
But after I got the news I am extremely happy," -- Soumitra Chatterjee

Born in KrishnaNagar ,WestBengal, Soumitra got his biggest break when Satyajit Ray decided to make Apu a big man in "Apur Sansar"
As noted on the official website for Ray, "At that time, Soumitra Chatterjee was a radio announcer and had only played a small role 
in a Bengali stage production . 


Apur Sansar was folowed by Devi , Teen Kanya , Charulata , Kapurush,Parineeta , Devdas , Ghare Baire , and the list goes on even till now.
His latest film is The Nowhere Son (2012) , the film in which A young physician gives up everything in search of his father who goes missing 
after refusing to sell his house to the local politician.


When Satyajit Ray decided to end his trilogy , he would have thought really well to put the right person , and his choice was perfect as always.

When Soumitra Chatterjee's very first movie was released in 1959 , he has got many awards , and to point out ,
he has rejected awards too . (In a gesture of protest against the National Film Awards committee's bias in awarding popular 
and mainstream cinema, he turned down the 2001 special jury award for best actor)









                                               DVD cover for Kapurush


On 9th June 2008, he was selected for the 2007 National Film Award for Best Actor by the Government of India. On 21 March 2012, 
he was selected by the Government of India for the Dadasaheb Phalke Award.

With all pride, lets wish talents like him are recognised always .