Saturday, June 23, 2012

A trip to Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram, now officially called Mamallapuram is a must place to visit . Its a great surprise when i hear that there were totally 7 temples , out of which only one survived - The shore Temple , which i visited today . All the others are under sea ? What happened to those ? 

Anyways what is left tells the story of Dravidian Architecture . It was a great day , as i got the chance to visit such a beautiful place and also got a chance to take some snaps . Thanks to Satish and his friend . Thanks for calling me for this great trip :)

 a local myth exists, that the god Indra became jealous of this earthly city, and sank the other 6 temples during a great storm, leaving only the Shore Temple above water. Interesting !! 

Some local fishermen have reported seeing some temples glittering beneath the waves when they were fishing ... In brief , this is a great place to visit . 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Step towards my dream :)

Wah ....

It was a moment to freeze and replay .
It was the most happiest moment in my recent days ..

Results of written exam ...
And what ...

Called in for both film and TV Course ...

I called up a friend who wrote exam in my same center (chennai) and got to know he also got through the exam ....
Felt great to know that he also got through as he shares many common views (he also waited 3 years for this moment)

Its excitement  !!

All is well ....
The wait was beautiful ... 3 years :)
Loads of burdens came in between .
I was blessed with beautiful people around me like my mom , sister, dad , my girl friend , who helped me cross these and reach here now.

I remember craving to attend the Kerala Film Festivals during School days.
They hang huge banners , and there are 2 theaters on the way to my school .
I always wanted to get in , and i thought any one can buy a ticket for the day show and watch a film
Once i even tried to peep in , but then i was asked to move out , as i dint have the Card. (i dint knew that time i need a card to go there .)

FTII ....... am coming ......
Waiting to sit under wisdom tree and get some divine powers :) Ha  Ha   ....

I know its a lill too much to react this much for exam .
But somewhat feels i will get through this year ... (fingers crossed)

Lets see :)

FTII 2012 Results are out .....


Guys ....

FTII 2012 results are out !!

Candidates with following Seat numbers have been short listed for orientation and interview for admission in Diploma in Cinematography" at FTII, Pune.

Diploma in Cinematography:
B01003 D01004 D01007 D01017 E01002 G01004 H01028 K01013 K01017 N01010 N01012 N01013 N01022 P01002 P01003 P01034 P01035 P01044 P01046 P01053 P01057 P01058 Q01013 Q01033 Q01052 R01003 S01025 S01034 U01002 U01004 V01003 V01005 V01013 V01015 V01019 V01045 V01049 V01057 V01059 V01061

Diploma in Direction:
B02006 D02010 D02027 E02031 G02032 H02008 L02010 N02025 N02042 N02043 N02047 N02059 N02070 P02010 P02013 P02036 P02043 P02052 P02059 P02060 P02072 P02086 P02088 P02099 Q02024 Q02035 Q02060 Q02100 Q02125 Q02133 Q02134 Q02187 R02007 S02011 S02033 S02036 S02053 S02097 S02164 S02174 V02046 V02058

Diploma in Editing:
C03002 D03001 H03002 J03002 J03003 K03001 K03012 L03001 N03016 N03023 O03005 O03008 O03010 P03003 P03004 P03007 P03020 P03024 Q03009 Q03010 Q03016 Q03017 Q03030 Q03037 Q03043 Q03047 Q03048 S03001 S03003 S03006 S03012 S03018 S03025 S03048 S03058 U03001 U03003 V03008

Diploma in Sound
C04001 D04005 D04006 E04001 E04003 F04002 H04002 H04006 H04008 L04001 N04001 N04003 N04006 P04007 P04012 P04013 Q04007 Q04009 Q04010 Q04011 R04001 S04007 S04009 S04014 S04015 S04017 S04019 S04021 S04025 S04026 V04001 V04006 V04007 V04008 V04009 V04010 V04011

Diploma in Art Direction:
C06001 C06003 M06001 M06002 M06003 N06002 Q06002 Q06003 Q06005 Q06006 Q06009 Q06014 Q06015 S06002 S06005 S06007 S06008 S06011 S06012 S06017 S06018 S06020 S06021 S06023 S06024 S06025 S06029 S06030 S06031 S06033 S06034 S06035 V06001 V06002 V06004

Certificate Course in Screenplay Writing :
C07001 D07001 D07003 D07006 D07007 D07008 E07001 H07004 H07008 K07004 M07001 O07003 P07001 P07004 P07006 P07009 P07013 P07016 P07022 Q07007 Q07014 Q07022 Q07023 R07001 R07003 S07005 S07010 S07014 S07018 S07020 S07023 S07028 S07031 S07032 S07034 S07035 V07003 V07005 V07006 V07008

Certificate Course in Electronic Cinematography:
C10004 C10006 D10003 E10005 H10006 H10017 H10018 K10005 K10010 K10012 K10016 K10025 L10004 O10001 P10002 P10014 P10021 P10026 Q10011 Q10022 Q10025 Q10031 Q10039 S10002 S10003 S10010 S10011 S10016 S10020 S10022 S10026 S10035 T10001 V10003 V10012 V10015 V10021 V10022 V10023 V10024

Certificate Course in TV Direction:
B11005 G11008 J11001 K11001 K11030 L11005 N11015 N11020 N11021 N11025 O11015 O11017 P11009 P11013 P11021 P11030 P11036 P11041 P11050 Q11016 Q11017 Q11020 Q11038 Q11051 Q11073 Q11082 Q11089 Q11092 Q11095 Q11102 Q11104 S11046 S11069 S11083 T11004 T11007 V11007 V11018 V11027 V11028

Certificate Course in Video Editing:
B12001 C12003 D12007 D12008 E12009 E12012 H12001 J12001 J12007 K12002 K12006 L12002 N12003 N12012 N12016 P12007 Q12002 Q12005 Q12007 Q12012 Q12013 Q12015 Q12016 Q12017 Q12023 Q12035 S12002 S12005 S12007 S12011 S12024 S12034 S12035 S12054 U12001 U12003 V12002 V12005 V12009

Certificate Course in Sound Recording and TV Engineering:
B13001 D13004 E13001 E13002 E13004 F13002 H13001 J13001 L13001 P13003 P13005 Q13001 Q13005 Q13009 Q13010 Q13012 S13001 S13002 S13005 S13006 S13009 S13010 S13013 S13016 S13020 S13021 S13022 S13023 S13024 S13026 S13031 V13001 V13003 V13005