Friday, April 15, 2011

World ending Dream .

World ending Dream .
I know ... too much of movies , can make you a little creative.
But it was a little sentiments added to this thrill when i saw this horrified dream.
Yesterday i saw this dream :
Its pitch dark . We all have closed all the doors and windows.
Its actually in the morning 11.30 , but no electricity and the sky is dark .
Nothing is working . No mobile phones , no lights , no nothing ...
We know in some time the earth is going to crush and we all die.
I am in my home with my sister and parents.
Suddenly this huge rush of sounds of rocks crushing , water falls,
and its followed the same for about 15 minutes.
Thats it ...
I can see some light falling through the window. The glass is broken and i can see
a long clear vision , no buildings , nothing .
I saw around ... Parents and sister is alive.
I am alive to see them alive. Its over . We have survived this.

I opened the door and i see crushed buildings and dead people .
First thought was "Where is my girlfriend now , and how is she now ? "
Its just few kilometers from my house (In dream its just few kilometers. I real i need
to travel a day to meet her :)  ). I run to check if she is fine .
I saw her house intact . Happy . Signs of hope flushes my scared off heart.
Thug Thug . I knock the door . (Remember ? No electricity there :) )
Her dad opens the door . And says . "She is no more . Dont come here ,  Bye".
Slammm........ The door closes in front .
Actually the door of my Life closes in front of me .
I felt i am dead that moment.
Cried ....
Cried and ...
Cried ..
I am a guy who hear my heart before my brain .
Suddenly my brain told "Why would her dad have no feelings over her dead girl?"
"Why would he just say something like that"
I jumped up, and started climbing up the house to check out her room.
The pipe i used to climb is now broken :(
I found some cracks here and there and climbed all the way up .
THERE SHE IS !!!!!!!!!!!! Weeping over there in the corner of the room , like a baby :)

It was a trick played by a daughter's dad to avoid me .
God !!!! World End can also turn up to be good for some people .

We saw each other .
She was having the same happy and shocking feel seeing me .
(I understood , she was also shocked to her from her dad , that i am dead , LOL )
We got married and lived happily for ever :)

Ok . Now i woke up . Dream is over. Came back to reality :)
2012 is yet to come and we still are yet to get married :(

Scared ... Isnt it ?

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