Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LalJose Blog

dedicated to my dear sister

Kannam thumbi poramo
ennodishtam koodaamo
ninne koodathillello
innennullil pookkaalam

(kannam thumbi poramo...)
kaliyaadaamee...kilimara thanaloram
kaliyaadaamee...kilimara thanaloram

(kannam thumbi poramo...)

vellaam kallin chillum koodonnundakaam
ullin ullil thaalolikkaam ennennum
enthe poraathu
vaave vavaachi
kunnikuru kuthi nulli parachittu pinni koruthoru maala theerkaam
thingal kidaavine tholathedukunna thanga kala maane konda tharam
kingiri muthalle
ente chithira kunjalle

(kannam thumbi poramo...)

thithai thithai nrutham vekkum poonthennal
mutham vekaan ethunnunde pallakkil
enthe thullathu
vaave vavaachi
thumba kudangalil thummi kalikkunna kunjilam paattinte kootukaari
minni thilangumen ponnin kinakkalkku ninneyaanomale yere ishtam
kingiri muthalle
ente chithira kunjalle

(kannam thumbi poramo...)
kaliyaadaamee...kilimara thanaloram
kaliyaadaamee...kilimara thanaloram
kannam thumbi poramo
ennodishtam koodaamo

Waiting List 1

If i make a movie , possibilities of the first movie to be named as 'Waiting List 1'. This waiting list is torturing me all life long . And now it has come in the form of FTII result.

My Life is in waiting list :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

All izzzz well

Its 10:12 AM . Waiting for the annuncement . I have got a window seat and camera is allowed . But the boarding is yet to be announced. Its of great excitement . Not cause i am going to Pune from the first time or cause i am blogging from Airport for the very first time . But the reaon for why i am going !!! Its really great .... Lots more in coming blogz..... All izz well .....

shortest day

Its Nov 15th . 15 days from the day results were announced in website. Taking the longest trip in my life tomorrow . Morning flight to Pune . Am excited. . . Excitement is not a word which can fullfill my explanation . My mom came from Egmore to be with me when i leave . Its a great day today . Awaiting for the week ahead . One another important week in my life. Right now i am really stuck up with packing. Found time to pin down my day . Cause today is important . Eccitement making me fly ....

Allllll iz Well :)

Lovez a lot mommy, sindhu, Salu and Dad . Love this world . Living this moment is the happiest thing .

Friday, November 12, 2010

IT Profession

A short story on IT profession :

I wanted to write at first, then i thought a pictorial representation would do better. Then got pictures from Google search and arranged it to tell the story . And here ... the story goes...

Based on a true story.

The END.



There will be many firsts for everything in everyones life

Some of which we remember and keep it to remember ....

First personal laptop.
First Bike
First Smooch
First Girl Friend.
First job.
First success in exam with Bits .
etc etc .....

But there is one first of us, which we dont remember ...

But our mom will remember and keep it and enjoy it for ever....

The first time she see her child ....
The first time she see those tiny little throat making sweet sounds (crying)
The first time she holds her child ....

Nature is beautiful ....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Freeze Time

Anyone who can freeze time ?

Anyone who can come out with Photoshop which edit LIFE ?

I am not crazy :(

pray for me brother

dates are just getting smashed .
17th nov 2010 ....another important day in my life.
a step ahead...
a step closer towards my dream .

My first step in FTII, Pune.

My Sweet Love......

She is .............

She taught me what open heart is......
She taught me how people can be sweet ......
She taught me what friendship is.....
She taught me what sharing is ......
She taught me what possessiveness is......

Then ....

She taught me how to enjoy the treasures GOD has gifted like family, friends, job, etc.....
She taught me what love is .....
She taught me the real symptoms of true love......

Then .....

She accepted my love .......
She took care of me like a kid ........
She appreciated every good things i do......
She enjoyed my music.....
She scolded me when i do any mistakes .......

She is my Life ...

Love you, Salini

Sub conscious mind is ?????

Scares you if your subconscious mind tells you everything before it happens . But in this era where computer applications claims to figure out humans future (All you gotta do is enter your date of birth and time), it might not be that scary . But it is....... when you see the most import things which are going to happen in your life .

Things which i have seen are many related to my family members or very close friends . Initial days i never tell them what i saw , cause i take it as another stupid dream i see . But once that really happens i get too stupid to let them know that i felt something like this in my dream .

Recherches say this is true . Some times our subconscious mind is too powerful that on time it can warn you of the danger lying in front of , so that at least you can be beware of. Point is .......... from my personal experience i was not able to change anything . Literally anything . I have started telling things on time , especially when its too dangerous . But those things all happened . So my idea about this .... it just tells you whats going to happen , .... something which cant be changed . But just like reading tomorrows newspaper today .

My favorite quote

Famous quotes are easily available. Go google it. How its effective is all tat matters . And my life is a good example . I did one huge mistake. I once read almost all the available quotes. The worst part is those come and appear then and there . Thats cool on times and not on times .

And my favourite quote :
The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch

And the 'someone' whom i got to blame has got a name

FATE changed so many things in my life. But i am happy that they still dint change any of my desires, ambitions, relationships. Its good that you believe in GOD. (Always good to know that someonez is watchin yo :)).

But i love GOD. I have felt GOD. I neva used to go temples . But my prayers (when done)were always answered. Its a good feel that you have got someone who watches you all the time . And its a better feel that its not spying you . But to give a helping hand on times you fall and kick your ass on times you relax doing nothing keeping sooo many dreams . I felt GOD through humans . Its true that GOD and devil resides within humans . You are GOD when you do good things,and you are the devil when you do bad things.

I still love it . Lifez is beautiful, and why i write this blog ?
Simply ....

My favorite people in this life :
Mom, my lill sister , my dad , my Salini, my teachers.

Love you all .... My heart cant hurt you . But my words might have .
Sorry for that . Love ya ....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I won the lottery

It was during my 2nd year in college . I remember those days when i used to dream of some fortune coming from no where , and thus i can stop going to college and start living my life just spending the money, going world trips , making movies and all .

It was a Saturday evening, and i thought of checking out my mails. So i went to a near by internet center. Logged in to my yahoo mail and saw this

Dear: e-Mail Winner, The WINDOWS LIVE & MICROSOFT WINDOWS has set out and successfully organized a Sweepstakes marking the beginning of year anniversary. We rolled out over 10,000.000.00 (10 million e-mails) to mark the 2010 Anniversary Draws.Participants for the draws were randomly selected and drawn from a wide range of web hosts which we enjoy their BETA patronage attaching personalized email addresses to ticket numbers. Your email address as indicated was drawn and attached to TICKET No:20511465463-7644 with SERIAL No:S/N-00168 and drew the LUCKY No:887-13-865-37-10-83(20) which subsequently won you (One Million Pounds Sterling)(?1,000 000) as one of the 10 jackpot winners in this draw.Please contact our fiduciary agent for claims with the contact below Agent. Dr. Tommy Grey. Email: 1.Full Name: 2.Full Address: 3.Age: 4.Sex 5.Phone Number: Congratulation!! Sincerely, Maggie Bausch

That time i never thought people have started doing fraud vaela through e-mails also . With the excitement, i sent a reply to that mail with my name, age and phone number (Expecting a call ASAP) . But i got a mail the other day asking out for my account number . Actually i could have given my account number and bank details (My bank balance was nill , lol) . But even being bankrupt i thought twice before letting them know my bank details . That was when i understood the real use of Google . Gotcha.... Exact mails have been sent to many ... And bankrupts like me having nothing to loose , lost nothing , But those rich people who wanted to get more rich (Who would say no to One Million Pounds), got their names to our list (Bankrupts, hehe) . Actually i won the lottery :)

Its still a dream. And i am alive.

Its still a dream. And i am alive.

Dreams are great . Cause when you realize its a dream, you have forgotten most of it. Except for those who keep it till you see it 4 real !!

3 years back, when i finished my and realized that i am an engineer and not a student any more and need to go office wearing neat dress, wear ropes around our own neck, wear full sleeves stuffing the heat within inside, drive long ways and enter the zone where people smile for money, talk for money and sleep for money ,i felt sad. Cause i thought after all 4 years of college life wouldn't end up so soon.

I remember how my Amma struggle to feed lessons to my brain and get me passed in exams :) Life is so fast .

I love songs, music, sound, films, pictures. My ambition is to work in films .
This dream came long before i finish my But i finished . College going was my last option in a day's list !! I neva used to attend the first 3 periods. Getting up late and missing the trains were not actually fun . But i cant get up early . So i found some fun in missing trains.

I started dreaming this dream , which is still haunting me . 2 months back i have written my ftii entrance for sound engineering course, and 2 months back i have left the company too . Results are not yet announced. And right now , i dont have a job . Basically jobless .

Dreams can come true. What will be my FTII dream be.
Its a dream and am still alive to get it true .

Dreams can come true :)

Months later ..........

Date: Nov 1st 2010 .
Its late night . I just opened FTII site to check the entrance results . And my name is shortlisted . Finally dreams coming true. :)

Dreams will come true :)

Thanks to my mom , my sister sister Sindhu, Salini , teachers , my guitar sir Rakesh , every useless who tried to depress me by discouraging me which inturn helped me to achieve things by getting in as a fire to get things done , thanking FTII . Thanking everyone .

Dreams will surely come true :)
All you need to do is ............................Dream :)