Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Are we seeing any secure future here ??????

Are will living in a poisonous world ?
Its the new Facebook and Twitting Era !
Sitting at the comfort of our chair, we know whats happening around the people we want to know !!

What is the so much hype about this ?
Well lets re-wind a little ...
I know how my parents used to highlight their school days
and compare it with our days .
They can never be convinced of the beauty of the present !!
Our Internet, technology development , all are the reason .
Well .... to know what we missed , we really need to feel what we had !!
Recently i saw a post in one of my friend's facebook Wall, a very strange post!!
I am not going to retype what i read over there ... It was sooo strange that ,
when i checked his wall later after one day , his post is removed!!
The point is a person's stupidity will be realised later and he might remove it.
But this era has captured it . It captures every moment .
By the time you realise your stupidity , it would have been viewed by many !!
Mobiles are studded with 10 and 15 MP Cameras !!
Along with high speed Internet connections handy with everyone!!
Internet accessible from almost all devices !!

Years back,When people say something stupid , or do something stupid,
it stays maximum within a limited number of people .
But now the case is different !

Are we seeing any secure future here or a rather poisonous years ahead ,
with an eagle eye watching our moves daily ?

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