Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FTII 2012 Entrance Exam Questions and Answers

This year i have written the FTII entrance exam for  :

  1. Three Year Post Graduate Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Design and 
  2. One Year Post Graduate Certificate Course in Sound Recording and TV Engineering

on 6th May 2012 (Sunday) at Kendriya Vidhyala , Tambaram , Chennai.

Its a 30 KM Drive from city , and had a good time speeding through the NH .
Met many aspirants who share many common dreams

This years exam was a different experience for me .
Having written and cleared the entrance on 2010 , and went through orientation and was put in waiting list and became unlucky to wait not just days but till the next entrance exam , which was held this year .

It was a long gap as there were no admissions on 2011 .
This one year made me go crazy behind movies , with attending film festivals ,
travelling , working in between in a software company , watching films , reading and sleeping ....

So the sunday was a long waited day , for me to write the exam the second time .
Personally felt the GK sections and descriptive were made easier ...

The introduction of the objective type style itslef reduced the burden
Surprised to see that there were not much of Technical questions in the descriptive.

Expected some basic questions on Physics, Speakers, Microphones, Acoustics, etc ....

I wanted to share some of the questions i remember so that it will be useful for myself and others aspirants who are preparing for future exams .

Keeping one thing in mind is always helpful for any one . FTII dont keep a standard style of questions . They dont look out for Geeks . They look out for people who love art . Obviously the one who love some thing should know many things about it . Thats the logic in their questions . They havent asked any dance and asked for which state it belongs to (which is a very comon question).  But they asked it in a differnt way - Shovana NArayan is assiciated with what art - For those who know she is a Kathak dancer, its easy to take out the answer from the 4 options as "Classical Dancer" . Kathak is a classical dance form originated from Uttar Pradesh .

Irrespective of various groups like sound , cinematography, Direction , Editing , the reason for why FTII insists on asking every one the set of common questions in GK is because we all share the common path even though we do technically a different job . We will all make films , which is a very powerful tool ...

So loving what we do is a good option.
But doing what we love is always the best option .

Here are some of the questions i remember which came for this year exam .

3 year diploma in sound questions

Common Section for all groups included GK - 20 questions .
Objective type .  (I remember only 11 now )

GK (Common Section)

Shovana Narayan is associated with    -- dance

cotton , industrialist, congressman , closely related to mahatma gandhi ---- > Jamnalal Bajaj

Kutty ,Shankar , Vijayan ... with what are these people related to = cortoonists

jude felix is assosiated with which game or sport = Hockey

agent vinod film directed by = sriram raghavan

main hoon na music director is : anu malik

My FrozenTturbulence in Kashmir  is written by : Jagmohan

Dr joon lew of korea,the recipient of international Gandhi award,is known for his service in which field : Eradication of leprosy

the real name of Akshay Kumar =  Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia

Kalachakra ceremony assosiated with == buddhism

indina isntitute of community dev is located at  : uttaranchal

short notes on  *(Common)

The film society movement in india

NFAI and its influence on Indian Cinema - national film archive of india

Future of film

The impact of film and television on the younger generation of india

sound related


1.Tell 2 movies which you liked and disliked with respect to sound
2.Tell the importance of sound in the films .With a film as reference


1 year course in sound

GK (Common)

GK for 1 year course was not objective .
it were all fill in the blanks type, but most of them were easy ...

steve jobs co founder of --------  Ans : Apple Inc
1 TB = how many GB   Ans : 1024 GB
Bahadur shah buried in ?   And : Burma
Hurt Locker director : Kathryn Bigelow.
Dirty picture direftor : Milan Luthria
Who is considered the father of the Indian space programme? Ans: Dr Vikram Sarabhai.
Prithvi theater founder in the memorial of "Prithviraj Kapoor"
----------  was the first capital of India . Ans : Calcutta
Head quarters of Al Jazeera TV -- Ans : Qatar
Aspect ration is TV is the ratio between ---- and -----
(Horizontal and vertical pixels)

short notes on : (common)
10 mark each

urban challeneges to ecological balance
Anna movement and media impact on that
Raja Ravi varma and 4 other artists (forgot the other 3)
ethical censorship

sound specific
TV sound and film sound difference
tv program u liked and u disliked . explain why ?
Difference btw live sound and dubbed sound
Write any 2 of the following - NTSC, MPEG , DVD, HD

One interesting thing i heard from some people who came to write exam are :
High level of influence is required to get in FTII .

It was funny enough . All the students who got in along with me last year through exam are just simple guys ,
who are really talented and they all got with their talents .

The selection Crew of FTII are reputed people in the resective streams.
There is noooo descrimination there , and they give space for any one .
Irresptive of his financial or influential backgrounds, his caste . his place of education , etc .

Its pure merit based , and in fact that is why FTII stands way ahead in Film Institutes .

Now its time again to check the website daily to see if i cracked this year written exam or not :)

All the best everyone ...
Take care :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FTII Entrance Exam 2012

Most Awaited day has come ...
FTII conducting their exam to select students for various course .

After writing the 2010 exam , waiting for one year was pain as FTII announced there will be no intake during 2011 . But this one year taught me more than what i was when i went to FTII on 2010 for the one week orientation programme .

Hoping that this year can get in ..

With working , and with tight projects going on , its real difficult to take a prepare something for exam .
With what i have learnt about cinema as a common man in these years, going to give the second attempt for my tiny step for my huge leap towards exploring Cinema . If all goes well , should be called in for an orientation program which i can never miss . This one year's waiting was fueled and drive me without any fail because of what the orientation gave me

Wisdom Tree ...
Late night dance and songs ...
Walking with freedom of thought ...
Surrounded by people of same wave lengths
The stories of greatest people who passed out .
The places where many diploma movies discussions happened ...
The great Prabhat Studio . . .

miss FTII .....