Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Farewell to my old CRT TV :*

Farewell to my old CRT TV :*
Its time to blog on a thing , which stood with me making me laugh and cry and thing ,
and even sleep on times .
I remember watching black and white TV at my grandfather's place.
I still remember the Black Solidaire tv , with 10 channel keys .
Infact We never got a chance to use the 10 keys as all we had was just 2 channels -
DD1 and DD2 :)  Those were good . Myself and sister used to run from school ,
not to miss the Alladin cartoon they put in DD1 by 4.00PM .
Its on weekends we get to watch a movie in DD1 .
We hardly had some serials in DD1 , and those were really classic .
Not to mention the rush and hush , we had a great time with the TV.

Then came the Cable !!
Lots of channels , all time programs .
Lots to choose from ...
You dont need to run anymore to watch a cartoon program :)
You have channels dedicated for Cartoons , and channelds dedicated for films :)
DD1 and DD2 was no more a favourite ..
Then time came to buy the new BPL tv, with remote :p
Now we have cable to watch many channels and a remote in hand to sit and change the world
Thats cool . Someone is the operator and others just say , Next Next Next :)
From thrills to cheap adds, we sat together a lot of years in front of that box,
and time came after 10 years , that it started breathing its last breath ,
and we had the choice to choose from LCD to LED :)
Then i went to the shop, and found a pretty cool AKAI LED .
Now we still have the BPL . It works some how ...
Over the time , one thing we found missing ...
Sitting together and watching programs ...
When there were only two channels , the entire family sits together
and watchwed a program .
Now that we have many to choose from , we have choices.
Dad watching news channels , mom watching serials ,
sister watching music channels and me watching good same cartoons and Movies :p
With direct link to AV , we dont even need to walk to change the modes.
Life has changed , and so do we .

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