Friday, May 6, 2011

An old hobby :)

This is been pulled back . Today in my office , after almost two years gap, there it comes again !!

Photography competition !
I remember days when i was searching out for beautiful locations for Shoot !!
Early mornings and late nights , playing the shutter sppeds and lights !

That was long time back , when i was free , waiting for my first job , with almost 8 months gap after my graduation !! - Oh no ... It had nothing to do with me . It was a college placement and i have nothing to do with this ! It was an absolute break ! An absolute offer from GOD !

I learned some animation , some photography , and some music this time ....
Went for guitar classes, roamed around with camera to click anything that moves to anything that never moves :)  Bunked animation classes to go for new movies released , and it was a lot of fun ..

As i got stuck with my works and Photography never been my passion , but just a time passing hobby , i just stopped clicking ... Just like that !!

Now that after years , these competions reminds me of those days and i thought of posting some of my snaps which i took those days :)

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