Monday, May 2, 2011

Now that he is dead........

Finally News Channels have a real BREAKING NEWS !!
"Ravana was killed by Raman"    Oops ... sorry ... thats an old news .

Osama was killed by Obama ... Hey, this sounds cool.
In fact just a letter is different !

World is fighting against Terror !

What happens when the Founder of an institution dies ?
Institution is closed down ?
Well the answer depends on many factors :

But its a sure "NO", when the founder has foreseen his death and planned everything ,
and made sure steps for running the institution even after his death !!

So ... now that he is dead ..... what next ?

Wait a min ....
Well how many times will you kill someone .
Is this an old news again ? :p

Lets hope the struggle for fighting the terror continues ...
Lets save the world .

Long live Peace ....

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