Friday, November 4, 2011

want a time machine to go back to school time

rain is over... walking with sister , splash those tree leaves to get those rain drops fall on us , and feel the happiness . And then suddenly see mom standing there at a distance and realising the fact we got wet even it was not raining :)

walking along the roads , waiting for fast approaching vehicles to splash the water :)

picking up more chocolates from granny's sweet shop :)

cycle racing :)

first innocent proposal at 4th dtandard :)

first kiss :)

keeping a small paper filled with answers during exams :)

pulling the cable wire when grandpa's news starts :)

eating from every one's tiffen box :)

pinching beautiful girls , and when they ask , telling them "new dress na ? nice......" :)

correcting marks using red ink :)

watching the first porn :)

first puff :)

boasting of everything including the new dress, pencil box, lunch box, pencil and water bottle on the first day of school each year :)

stealing snacks :)

counting the cash we get on Vishu and determining who is the richest :)

crying when asked to swallow tablets :)

showing my innocent face and escaping from all the dirty things i do :)

waiting to reach school each day to see the new teacher :)

Rakhi, Kavya :)

Kavya's  lost badge in my pencil box for almost a year :)

10th board exams :)

crying for days thinking of my dog's death ...

missing everything :(

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