Sunday, September 25, 2011

dreaming is easy

dreaming is easy 

when i first met her, she was not mine

her breeze slides through me , and i felt my soul lifted up.

then  i started seeing her once in a while

each time i see her i can see just her

She was glowing soo brigh that everything else fades

she remains in my eyes for hours and in heart for decades.

She was soo attractive. i fell in love with her.

i was soo badly in love with her that i was afraid of what happens to me if cant get her in my life

knowing this , i wanted to take care of me , 

so one fine day i approched her .

she was happy seeing me, but i dont know if she will be happy to be happy being my love

I know i would burn to dust , if i fail here , 

and i know i would burst to sky if i win here .

in both cases , i wanted to delay it.

I felt those words were soooo heavy that they were not coming out ,

my heart beat silenced the sound of life,

and i sliced my heart to be silent

And her eyes were glowing like i saw a diamond flashed with a million watts flash

I proposed her 

I started hearing heart pounding sound again .

this time...  hers ...

she said ,

i am happy to be urs ................

Who said flying is costly .

no flights , no boozings , 

i flew ...

heart was light like the finest thread of cotton , and we started loving 

Love is in the air 

its years now ... still i havent recieved her completly in my life . 

my  2   dreams  

that day she comes to my life as my wife

that day i become a sound engineer ....

Love is beautiful 

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