Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just sleep well to wake up

I ran behind the running train and lost the train ....

I ran from the rain and got wet ....

I took the car and crashed ....

I cried and felt good ....

I slept and woke up ....

Thats all .... To wake up ,  all you need is a good sleep ?????

Now that I woke up , let me catch the train ..............

What am I

I dont know ....

I tried searching , as I wanted it badly...

But later I forgot what I was searching for ....

Now I am Lost ....... Help me someone ......

Dont follow me and get lost with me ....

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crack FTII Exam

Crack FTII test

I have been receiving a lot of requests and queries through email regarding guidance on how to crack the FTII written exam . I have gone through the same situation years back when i decided to write the FTII exam . 

It doesn't really matter if someone has cleared the exam , cause the interview is the main thing !!
But personally I don't want anyone who is really passionate in this field and looses it all in the written test itself . I thus thought of sharing few points in how to clear the written test .

Regarding the interview : Its up to you …
They are very smart in finding you and your passion …
If you are true to yourself , and you are fortunate you can reach there …..

Ok , now coming to the point ….

FTII conducts written test as the primary way of filtering the aspirants …
The various course FTII provides and other info are there in their website .
this who are really interested in knowing these , please visit the website top to bottom …
I used to see the website everyday for the last few years till I got there ….
It gives you everything you need ….

There is one another point which I would like to tell :
Please don't com up with some shitty crappy questions like :

Should I choose acting or editing ?
Or what is the scope of sound recording and direction ….

Cause this is not an engineering college for you to be awarded with a offer letter before you finsh your course !! This is an art … Please go there if you love it .. And when you love it , Its a fucking different thing all together … You will love this world and the world loves you … I can't explain how it feels …
Its a different feel …. You eventually might end up to be a great artist and people will come behind you … On the other way If you plan based on the brand name of FTII or go thinking will i get money or job and all , may be you might become just another guy with some salary ….

So first decide what you want …. Why you want and love it ….

The reason why I am telling this is I have received a lot of mails asking to guide them on helping them to decide which course to choose !!! Its really sad to even reply these mails … Please be your boss , never let others to decide what your life should be …

Regarding the test …..
Once you know your filed of interest , please go through the related stuffs .
For example : If you are intereted in direction , you are supposed to know what are the basic stuffs related to Direction … Like : Describe a small story which you have in ur mind to make it a short film and why its so much important for you ? and Differtn Directors and also how you see a film …
You are going to be a director of tommorw … So have a view or eye of direction in everything from day to day activities to the movies or tv shows you watch …

These will be two main sections :

1.GK and General sections  
2.Section specific .

I have not to my knowledge have seen any specific books designed for FTII interview .
But this GK or common section which should be answered by every group of student  deals with the basic questions which is related to art , films and giving a little more importance to our mother INDIA !

the best place or book is : INTERNET ….

things to know : 
INDIAN film industry and how it evolved during each period .
Some very basic questions like first talkie , first colour film , etc can be answered if this is covered !
When reading these don't read it like you are studying for some school exam where you study last minute and go vomit all the things in your head and come back clean …

Love the subject and trust me … Its wonderful to read Indian History ….

Read about : Different Art forms .
I would suggest , know our INDIA map …. every states and then go through each state in the map and learn the various artists from that state . Classical dances , folk dances …. 

Read about : Places and other monuments including temples and its location .

Paintings , Artists like film makers , Painters , dancers ,  singers ..
When i said film makers , please give much more importance to legends than newer ones ….
Just don't stick on to Hindi films . There could be a descriptive question asking your favourite movie and why its your favourite ?

Questions are asked on famous kings , also ,
Civilisation - Harappa , Indus Valley , etc etc ….
recent awards : Bafta , Oscar ,
Filmy knowledge : which Indian movie got oscar nomination 

Please note that : General questions can be objective type or it can be fill in the blanks type .
They have not promised anyone in this world that they will put only objective type questions or only fill in the blanks …So better be ready for anything ….

What I meant is … when reading about an artist , try to respect the artist and know about him rather than muggin him up , which eventually you will forget his name like in the kid forgetting the name of the king in an advertisement …:P

Descriptive :
General type to Films related …..
farmers suicide ,
different sound formats ,
film formats , different sensors in camera , whats your opinion about the recent ban of films by Govt ,
whats is NFAI , what si the importance of film festivals ? evolution of films , film industry 10 years down the line , digitalisation , UFO , Atmos Dolby , etc , etc …. 

Please Note : these are just what I felt , and I am not a member of FTII selection crew or something .
I am just a guy who have writen the FTII exam 3 times which gave me some idea of what it is :)

So please don't take a print of this and just study only these and ask me tomorrow why none of these questions came !! Cause this is to give an idea and not to leak a question paper …

Basically know INDIA , its art forms and its artists a lot better and you will crack the common section and love the field you are trying (like direction or sound or editing or whatever …) and you will crack that section too …. This is not like CAT or other exams . they don't keep any cutoffs for throwing the papers off just cause you missed few marks in one sections … all those discussions in the net regarding this cutoff are rumours … Just do your best and you can crack the test .
don't worry too much about cutoffs and all …

And most important , don't talk too much to too many people .
everyone talks like they know everything , eventually what they did is make us more confused and pissed off ….

Please note again : please keep this as a help or reference and learn more from this ….
Any queries or concerns please post it here , please avoid sending mails ….

All the very best ….

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year ... Welcome 2013

2012 has been a fantastic year ....
Faced the most extreme situations to having the most memorising moments

2013 started very well with my parents , sister , and grand parents
Went to temple in the night :)
Called up dear ones and heard their voice

With lots of dreams and good heart , I wish this 2013 gives everyone in this world a beautiful stay on earth . With no bad thoughts among people , let us live in harmony

Let us all have a wonderful time to say by 2014 , 2013 was a fantabulous year by all means

Wishing each and every one a very Happy new Year

FTII Admission 2013

Such a fast notice appearing on the website is a little shocking and pleasing !!

Exam for the 2013 batch intake is on 19th May 2013

Each year many number of aspirants try ...

Lets hope for the best ...

All the best everyone ...

More information :

The Entrance Examination for all the courses will be held on 19.05.2013 (Sunday) (Date can be changed for unavoidable reasons), at the following centers:
Agartala, Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Deharadun, Gangtok, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Imphal, Jaipur, Jammu, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Patna, Pune, Raipur, Ranchi, Thiruvananthapuram
The prospectus containing the application form and other details may be obtained on request along with a demand draft of Rs. 2150/- for General Category and Rs. 650/- for SC, ST and Economically Backward (candidates should enclose attested copy of Parent's BPL card with the application form) drawn on any of the Nationalised Banks in favour of "Accounts Officer, Film and Television Institute of India,"payable at Pune.

Srno.ParticularsBy PostBy HandOnline
1.Date of Issue of Prospectus21/01/201321/01/201321/01/2013
2.Last date of Issue of Prospectus22/02/201316/03/2013
5.00 p.m.
5.00 p.m.
3.Last date of receipt of Filled Applications16/03/201316/03/2013
5.00 p.m.
5.00 p.m.
Requests for prospectus by post will be entertained only after 21st January, 2013 and till 22nd February, 2013. Prospectus can also be obtained personally from the information and facilitation counter (Tutorial Section), Film and Television Institute of India and you may also apply online till 16th March, 2013 on .
The prospectus will be sent by Speed Post. Candidates are advised to see that completed applications should reach in time. The Institute would not be responsible for postal delay, if any, regarding failure to reach application forms in time.
Correspondence address for prospectus and submission of completed application form :
Controller of examinations
Film & Television Institute of India
Law College Road,
Pune - 411 004
For queries related to admissions:
Phone : 020 - 25431817 / 25430017 / 25430363 / Ext. 223,
020 - 25425656 (Direct line)

E-mail :
Website :

Friday, December 28, 2012

Delhi Gang Rape Victim No more .....

One of our sister died today . I have never seen her nor had the guts to face her, and I feel ashamed for the same ... She was raped by a group of animals :( 
For the pain she faced in such a short period of time , I wished she killed them. 
For the People by the People and all is riddle !! May be a good bedtime story for this generation kids !! Out of highest level of sadness , I have to write this ... Sisters .....Please ... Please take care of yourself . Have a pepper spray in your bag always . Be alert . May be have a good bunch of trustworthy friends around , and always keep this in mind that only you can save you .... Please take care .... We live in paradise where people wait years for the judgment day . May be when the judgment day comes , it might be a new generation living to read the news of a decade old crime's judgment !! Who knows !! May be the criminals would have had a normal death by then . RIP dear .................................. :(

This is a sad day for humans ...
For how animals and humans are different and how we are unable to differentiate humans and animals anymore ....

We live in a bad place 

RIP dear :(

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Safest place on earth this 21st December ?!!!!

The one question which arise to many is -- what if the Government knows and We dint !!
What if this really is going to happen ?

Where will be the safest place on earth or there is no place at all ?

Mayan Apocalypse is heading and a small town is all set to offer stay for price range of $1600 per night !! This is what the residents of Bugarach Town want to say :

This is the only place on Earth which is going to survice Armageddon !!
For those who haven't watched the famous hollywood film Armageddon , and who doesn't know what it is - Its actually an asteroid which is expected to hit the earth on doomsday !!
And as this is the only place which people believe is the place

Modern interpretations of the forecast, heavily stoked by internet rumour, predict that aliens will emerge from their 'spaceship garage' hidden deep within the town's imposing Pic de Bugarach mountain and pluck anyone in the vicinity to safety.

Article ....

Where as there are actually palces build and sold for this sole purpose !!

And there are actually places where they are buildings built to save people during these times !!
Like in the movie dec 21 2012 !!

When the entire world says that it could be or not be tomorrow .
But the point is if something really is going to happen , where would we we stay to be safe ?

safest place on earth = your home .
If you are to die, you will die . thats all .....
No one can exactly say anything .
There are a lot of things which humans doesnt know
But one thing we know is that , we can stay happy by loving our loved ones and staying happy with what we have .
So lets be happy and loe everyone and live happily ....


I always tried to get a close up expression of squirrels
But never got one until today ...

Taken with my mobile :)

for more ...

This picture got published in THE HINDU :)

On a rainy day