Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Life at FTII starts by 30th August 2012

Since i wrote the blog :

I got many friends who commented and supported through mails and chats to move forward towards my dream .It was a wonderful time with everyone and it was very inspiring .
I take this chance to thank each and everyone who stood with me , and will stand hereafter in my life ..
And also my parents and my dear ones who supported as well as critisesed me over my activities :)

This is a great moment in my life and I would like to mention some very special people in my life who inspired and helped me do something in my life: My parents and teachers,My sister,relatives and friends,Salini,Ajayan,Subramani,Arun,Aakash Kulkarni, Vipul, Manish , Amar and Rakesh Anand !!
Be with me in the path ahead .

Today I got the mail from Institute that the classes for this year will start by August 30th and am super excited for this moment !!
Life is nothing without some good people to share it with , and am lucky that I got many ...

Love you all .....

What ever it takes .........

This part of writing gives me real happiness. I am going to express a true lot of incidents and accidents in my path towards finding myself !!
My Life was an unplanned trip. Always ends up with something less or more !!
But it really worked for me . It gave me a hidden truthful lesson to get a prepared trip !!
Now I believe that am walking though a planned path . A seat in the great Film and Television Institute of India, Pune for Sound recording Course . A supportive group of people around, a good vision and a 5 year plan in heart , a laptop to scribble all I want and a place to post all my thoughts

But to reach here , it took a lot out of me !!
But before I talk a lot about myself , let me tell you something very clearly .
Even now , what I say or claim as a planned path is a planned path for just me
For my relatives and even for my mother , it’s the most stupid decision I have or anyone could possible take in ones  life . But I have been a stupid for myself all these years , until now !!
So stupidity is subjective and as I am writing here , I am subjective over my side

I always had a coffee and chat with the toughest times ….
It gives a one to one dealing with how you can be more crazier !!
Days just went and I loved the craziness in me .
I started understanding that I am not dead and I have something in me to live for …
A deep passion , like we heard in the movie INCEPTION !
An idea …. An Idea , once implanted into ones mind, is soo powerful that it can change a lot !

I have a kid within me yelling out for a lot different things .
Having nothing was always my feel , when everyone described me as the perfect life with everything
A day or the other I ask myself , is it worth to do what ever we want ?
If it makes you happy and feel like living , yes !
If it makes you feel good , and do more, yes ….
I had unhappy days of doing all sort of things which never wabted to do, but did .
Starting from changing of many schools in my life (I finished my schooling in a total of 4 schools), followed by getting into engineering college instead of an arts of college , then going to a regular job sitting in front of computers and not doing anything creative at all ….

Life was horrible . But in between I tried to do something which makes me feel good.
Watching movies always was a medicine for me .
I got my queen of my life , and I met her during my first job in software .
The only reason I have to say that I am happy about my first job !

Then it was her inspiration to find a better me in me !
She found my interest in music and sound recording .
It was during my first job in a company called UST Global, when I was a little active in singing, composing and recording songs and sounds , that I found my good interest lies in Sound recording .
I bought a Philips Dynamic Microphone – SBC MD150 from Music world and a sennheiser headphones !!I dint know what to do with it , but I wanted to record professional quality sound .
I bought some headphones , and some wires and joined a guitar class .
I recorded some sounds , but it dint really come up well.
Noise was every where !!
Then I decided to do something for this .

Then came FTII …..
A new chapter in my life .
It was on 2008 …
I was researching in internet over this , and she pointed out FTII is the best place to learn about sound recording !!
Then I did some research and understood what she said is right !!
But we came to know the sad news that just 2 days back they closed the intake of forms for that year . Thus we missed the deadlines …
Then waited for one long year , and gave my first attempt , years went on and many things happened in my life – Both good and Bad ….
And this year , I am getting into FTII .

Finally the question is
Are you happy ?
Yes , I am …..

That’s all it takes and matters
Do what ever you want and what ever it takes,
happiness is all it matters .....

Story is not over yet ....
Finding oneself is a beautiful process and it goes on ......