Sunday, September 11, 2011

my SRFTI exam :)

Almost a year have passed ... Last year when i wrote the FTII exam , i had no idea of how i can pay the fee , how i will manage things , how i will reolve the issues raised due to my sudden stop of job for studies, how my personal life is going to get affected by my interest in studies , and the confusion goes on ....

Its been a year now , the aftershocks of the FTII final reults actually dint last for more than a week , as my hopes of re-appearing next year fueled my spirits . But those fuel gathered over a period of one year were lighted to burst it when i heard that its a Zero intake year this year in FTII , to clear the backlog guys and also make sure the batches henceforth are leavin the campus on time !!

Then came SRFTI ...
I was almost sure that i will not join this (if i clear the exams and interview too), as FTII has rooted in too deep with its reputation and alumni history .... But i was left with no choice . I am too restless ... Each day i see FTII website to hear any signs of Admission process, but not seeing anything . So i finally decided to apply for SRFTI . As ranking is considered , even though websites and blogs claim SRFTI has mainatained to a level of FTII , its always behing FTII only . So it comes as 2nd rank :)

Application filling , DD taking , pasting the color picture and sending it ... all done .
Whats the difference ... nothing but now i have to check 2 websites hereafter :)

Then came the eligible guys for exam ...
tadaaa .... my name is not there !!
Thought i am not eligible to write it though !!

days went off , 2 days bfore the exam , a call
"ur form reached us really late . But u can write the exam " ...

Today almost a year after FTII exam , have written SRFTI exam .....
Waiting for the results ....


  1. Good luck to you man :).

    1. Thanks Knayirp ... But dint get it . Now waiting for FTII exams :)

  2. Could you help me with the entrance question paper pattern of SRFTI as you have appeared before? Thanks for sharing your experiences and good luck with you Ftii Preparation

  3. Hi Arijit Ghosh,

    The exam patter of both SRFTII and FTII are same .
    There will be a common section for all group which contains questions which any film aspirant should know - like

    Indian film history,
    Indian history in brief (like mughal empror, and other kings)
    Should know all classical dances (only few are there , so can easily know).
    Folk dances(Hell lot are there - they can ask the not so famous ones - so better know everything).

    Directors and movies (Look out mainly for the pioneers of indian film and the great directors like Mrinal Sen , Satyajit and others who worked in introducing the Art films or paralell cinema into India ) .

    Then very common question is India and its bond with Oscars.(This we can know as we got only 3 nominations till now in best foreign film category).
    But we got many oscars starting from Bhanu , satyajit and Rahman , and Gulzar .

    Then the possible questions are different art related people and with what art form they are related to (i never get this as our India is highly rich in culture with huge varities of art forms and people who are experts in that :) Good luck if u know as much in this )

    This much will be in the common section (any group - direction or sound or animation shd attempt this section.)

    Then there will be another common section - short notes :

    this can be the very common
    Like farmers suicide,
    Maoist activities ,
    any book u read recently and its impact on you
    Post Modernization

    Then goes course specific.
    I am a sound engineering aspirant :)
    I am not so sure about the direction .
    If u r looking out for SRFTII, then may be u can check out their website .
    They posted the sample questions last year .

    All the very best for you ...

    Take care ...

  4. I want to prepare for the sound engineering admission test. What should I read for this special paper ??
    Please help

  5. Hi manu, Can you tell me the best film making Institute in india aprat from FTII & SRFTI.
    Xavier Institute of communication mumbai also running 1 year Film Television & video production course can you please tell me opportunity & scope of that course.


  6. I got selected for Orientation & interview. Please help me how to prepare for that....

  7. help me bro, am appearing this year

  8. Can u send me privious year question