Wednesday, February 2, 2011

find a grip :)

Evening , after a good sip of hot coffee ... stretching my fingers and planning to write.....
Its been over a month that i really wrote anything ...

I recall now the days when i used to think plans really put u on track .

But sometimes its not...

I am in my home now with my laptop, preparing myself for the weekend interviews, with already an offer in hand being refused as i cant sign a bond for two years.
Well .... what if i have no choice !
I dont know, but now i think this is what is right for me .
I should get a job...
Go for it , then next year this time i will be happy to say that i am in a top film institute in India.

Dream higher, and higher to the place where you think u cant reach ..
then if u reach that place one day, dream higher again ...
One day u will die dreaming :) But many of your dreams would have been achieved.

Life is short. I see me walking round the corner trying to get a hold of something , before i fall down.But its too late . I am now 25 :) Still on times slip and fall .

Falling makes a man stronger :) Stronger that the next time he falls , it hurts less :)

Humans have a very strong power. They cant fix what they need to remember and what they need to forget. Something else controls it. I remember finding a chocolae bar lying down and opening it without anyone seeing and enjoying it . Why do someone remember such unimportant things in life !! And by remembering that i dont know what all i have forgottn.

But now i feel happy . Tears are sometimes memories.
Tears show you are human.

Tired of it. I cant stop dreaming . And i will not
Cant find the grip again :)