Friday, April 15, 2011

World ending Dream .

World ending Dream .
I know ... too much of movies , can make you a little creative.
But it was a little sentiments added to this thrill when i saw this horrified dream.
Yesterday i saw this dream :
Its pitch dark . We all have closed all the doors and windows.
Its actually in the morning 11.30 , but no electricity and the sky is dark .
Nothing is working . No mobile phones , no lights , no nothing ...
We know in some time the earth is going to crush and we all die.
I am in my home with my sister and parents.
Suddenly this huge rush of sounds of rocks crushing , water falls,
and its followed the same for about 15 minutes.
Thats it ...
I can see some light falling through the window. The glass is broken and i can see
a long clear vision , no buildings , nothing .
I saw around ... Parents and sister is alive.
I am alive to see them alive. Its over . We have survived this.

I opened the door and i see crushed buildings and dead people .
First thought was "Where is my girlfriend now , and how is she now ? "
Its just few kilometers from my house (In dream its just few kilometers. I real i need
to travel a day to meet her :)  ). I run to check if she is fine .
I saw her house intact . Happy . Signs of hope flushes my scared off heart.
Thug Thug . I knock the door . (Remember ? No electricity there :) )
Her dad opens the door . And says . "She is no more . Dont come here ,  Bye".
Slammm........ The door closes in front .
Actually the door of my Life closes in front of me .
I felt i am dead that moment.
Cried ....
Cried and ...
Cried ..
I am a guy who hear my heart before my brain .
Suddenly my brain told "Why would her dad have no feelings over her dead girl?"
"Why would he just say something like that"
I jumped up, and started climbing up the house to check out her room.
The pipe i used to climb is now broken :(
I found some cracks here and there and climbed all the way up .
THERE SHE IS !!!!!!!!!!!! Weeping over there in the corner of the room , like a baby :)

It was a trick played by a daughter's dad to avoid me .
God !!!! World End can also turn up to be good for some people .

We saw each other .
She was having the same happy and shocking feel seeing me .
(I understood , she was also shocked to her from her dad , that i am dead , LOL )
We got married and lived happily for ever :)

Ok . Now i woke up . Dream is over. Came back to reality :)
2012 is yet to come and we still are yet to get married :(

Scared ... Isnt it ?

Blogging from Office :)

My life now ..
Its been a hard time for me and my family last year .
So nothing can be worse ... Everything is great for me .
Have left my first job last year . Have almost touched my dream path,
by getting admission in FTII, Pune for Sound Engineering .
Now with a new job and have no complaints about anything .
Waiting for getting married to my sweetheart...
Started waiting for the next years FTII admission process .
Its good , afterall to blog from your office ,
shows how jobless today i am :)
Being a friday is great . Had a coffe with friends .
Now its shivering too much . Head counts have fallen greatly today ,
as many have left to their home towns as they got last two days Leave.
Seriously speaking, waiting is sweet when its for good.
I feel great today . Happy Blogging :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

its like this ...

its like this ...

you will never know what you are up to .
you think you plan everything and move, but
your plans are never working out.

next time you feel so sad and walk upset, you face
good luck and great things in life.

thats life.

Ok , philosophies are fine .
Back to business . After a break, getting ready for next year FTII
Thrill is much higher than last time.

Just waiting for them to publish the dates for form submission

Lets fullfill dreams ....