Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Life at FTII starts by 30th August 2012

Since i wrote the blog :

I got many friends who commented and supported through mails and chats to move forward towards my dream .It was a wonderful time with everyone and it was very inspiring .
I take this chance to thank each and everyone who stood with me , and will stand hereafter in my life ..
And also my parents and my dear ones who supported as well as critisesed me over my activities :)

This is a great moment in my life and I would like to mention some very special people in my life who inspired and helped me do something in my life: My parents and teachers,My sister,relatives and friends,Salini,Ajayan,Subramani,Arun,Aakash Kulkarni, Vipul, Manish , Amar and Rakesh Anand !!
Be with me in the path ahead .

Today I got the mail from Institute that the classes for this year will start by August 30th and am super excited for this moment !!
Life is nothing without some good people to share it with , and am lucky that I got many ...

Love you all .....

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