Sunday, November 25, 2012

51 things to do before Dec 21 2012 , just in case :P

51 things to do before Dec 21 2012 , just in case :P

Now that its predicted , I wanted to start preparing the list of things to do before Dec 21 2012 , just in case !  :P

  1. Learn and Dance the gangnam style !!
  2. Kiss that neighbour chick !!
  3. Get Married with your girl friend !!
  4. Post anything you want to tell in  facebook, for there will be no one to put you in jail!!
  5. Kill Justin Bieber !!
  6. Enjoy thinking that blackberry and apple are just going to be fruits again !!
  7. Take a snap with A R Rahman (the music director)
  8. Post all rubbish in everyone's facebook wall :P
  9. Go Bungee jumping
  10. Write in a paper ,things you want to tell God and put it in a bottle , seal it and thrown into the ocean
  11. Give your girlfriend a kiss and tell her how much you love her .
  12. Tell your parents sorry for all the mistakes you have done and tell them how much you love them
  13. Call you x Boss and then you know what to do :P
  14. Drink and drive
  15. Enjoy a pouring rainy day
  16. Go have food from a five star hotel and run away without paying :P
  17. Shout out loud as loud as possible !!
  18. Kiss a total stranger :P
  19. Get into a classroom and act as if you are a new teacher and play the trick
  20. Got to a meditation class and yell out in the middle :P
  21. Eat a worm
  22. Forgive all your enemies and call them and say that you forgive them
  23. Watch the best porn :)
  24. Run naked on roof during rain :)
  25. Go for a trip with no luggage
  26. face your worst fear
  27. Ring few door bells and give them free sweets
  28. Cook and serve
  29. Eat and Sleep
  30. Fart out loud !!
  31. Hug few strangers
  32. Call your role model and say hi
  33. Pray and thank for all the good and bad you had in this life
  34. Meet all your dear ones.
  35. Donate Blood
  36. Adopt a child
  37. plant a weed
  38. Kick someone's ass
  39. Spend till my last penny , and keep that last penny for donation
  40. order a big cake and jump on it
  41. Be a superman by wearing underwear outside
  42. Take pictures where it says no photos allowed
  43. say sorry to those whom you are supposed to be sorry
  44. make funny faces of kids who shout through their school van
  45. Buy some kids whatever they ask for
  46. Cycling and running
  47. Answer those marketing calls and talk to them for hours asking for the different offers like you are going to buy them all
  48. Don’t flush the toilet
  49. Spend a day with orphans.
  50. Cry once like never before
  51. Write on walls and rocks that "you were here once!!"

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