Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I studied in the light of a kerosene lamp

The dialogue of old people "I studied in the light of a kerosene lamp"
Big Deal !!!!

When there is a single light, with no sounds of tv serials and other programms running ,
and no other disturbing sounds like mixy running or even the screetchin fan sounds,
its the best place to study :)

Its very easy to get full concentration.

Do it now , then u r great !!

tv running 24/7 . Speakers shouting out political lies or songs for temples,
the sudden melodious ringtone from mobile phone, the bells,
the kitchen sounds, sounds sounds sounds ...

and to make things worse , light everywhere ...
where should i sit and study ...

many choices .... should lie on sofa and read or enjoy the comfort of chair and table with all lights around 
or with walking in marble flooring with ac on ?????

WTH ... with all these comforts, u can concentrate on a boring thing like study or its tought to concentrate where there are literally no entertainment around ,
and to increase the beauty of it , u have just one single calm glowing light kept to pull all ur attention like when doing meditation :)

So when someone says they studied in the light of a kerosene ,
please dont arguewith them, but have a self happiness that we are actually more great :)

I want to do sound engineering , and the most challenging part of any sound engineer i know is to avoid as much noise as possible to get the perfect sound (required sounds alone). Which has always been the toughest part ... Sound can come anywhere .... and we call the unwanted sounds as "Noise". 

Sound always fascinated me from childhood ...

Remember the excitement i had when i got the first transistor (small portable FM Radio). 
The first time i heard a song using headphones,
the first time i recorded sounds in magnetic tapes :)

And infact the first time i got beaten up by mom , for accidently recording junk on a newly bought music cassete :)

Love my childhood ....

Love life