Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soumitra Chatterjee named for Dada Saheb Phalke Award

Soumitra Chatterjee named for Dada Saheb Phalke Award : 

As with the usual timings , the Greatest Indian Award for Film Industry is announced for the year 2012

And the Award goes to the LEgendary Bengali Actor : Soumitra Chatterjee



"I am extremely happy. Till this evening I had not thought of this award. 
But after I got the news I am extremely happy," -- Soumitra Chatterjee

Born in KrishnaNagar ,WestBengal, Soumitra got his biggest break when Satyajit Ray decided to make Apu a big man in "Apur Sansar"
As noted on the official website for Ray, "At that time, Soumitra Chatterjee was a radio announcer and had only played a small role 
in a Bengali stage production . 


Apur Sansar was folowed by Devi , Teen Kanya , Charulata , Kapurush,Parineeta , Devdas , Ghare Baire , and the list goes on even till now.
His latest film is The Nowhere Son (2012) , the film in which A young physician gives up everything in search of his father who goes missing 
after refusing to sell his house to the local politician.


When Satyajit Ray decided to end his trilogy , he would have thought really well to put the right person , and his choice was perfect as always.

When Soumitra Chatterjee's very first movie was released in 1959 , he has got many awards , and to point out ,
he has rejected awards too . (In a gesture of protest against the National Film Awards committee's bias in awarding popular 
and mainstream cinema, he turned down the 2001 special jury award for best actor)









                                               DVD cover for Kapurush


On 9th June 2008, he was selected for the 2007 National Film Award for Best Actor by the Government of India. On 21 March 2012, 
he was selected by the Government of India for the Dadasaheb Phalke Award.

With all pride, lets wish talents like him are recognised always .

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