Friday, December 28, 2012

Delhi Gang Rape Victim No more .....

One of our sister died today . I have never seen her nor had the guts to face her, and I feel ashamed for the same ... She was raped by a group of animals :( 
For the pain she faced in such a short period of time , I wished she killed them. 
For the People by the People and all is riddle !! May be a good bedtime story for this generation kids !! Out of highest level of sadness , I have to write this ... Sisters .....Please ... Please take care of yourself . Have a pepper spray in your bag always . Be alert . May be have a good bunch of trustworthy friends around , and always keep this in mind that only you can save you .... Please take care .... We live in paradise where people wait years for the judgment day . May be when the judgment day comes , it might be a new generation living to read the news of a decade old crime's judgment !! Who knows !! May be the criminals would have had a normal death by then . RIP dear .................................. :(

This is a sad day for humans ...
For how animals and humans are different and how we are unable to differentiate humans and animals anymore ....

We live in a bad place 

RIP dear :(

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