Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Safest place on earth this 21st December ?!!!!

The one question which arise to many is -- what if the Government knows and We dint !!
What if this really is going to happen ?

Where will be the safest place on earth or there is no place at all ?

Mayan Apocalypse is heading and a small town is all set to offer stay for price range of $1600 per night !! This is what the residents of Bugarach Town want to say :

This is the only place on Earth which is going to survice Armageddon !!
For those who haven't watched the famous hollywood film Armageddon , and who doesn't know what it is - Its actually an asteroid which is expected to hit the earth on doomsday !!
And as this is the only place which people believe is the place

Modern interpretations of the forecast, heavily stoked by internet rumour, predict that aliens will emerge from their 'spaceship garage' hidden deep within the town's imposing Pic de Bugarach mountain and pluck anyone in the vicinity to safety.

Article ....

Where as there are actually palces build and sold for this sole purpose !!

And there are actually places where they are buildings built to save people during these times !!
Like in the movie dec 21 2012 !!

When the entire world says that it could be or not be tomorrow .
But the point is if something really is going to happen , where would we we stay to be safe ?

safest place on earth = your home .
If you are to die, you will die . thats all .....
No one can exactly say anything .
There are a lot of things which humans doesnt know
But one thing we know is that , we can stay happy by loving our loved ones and staying happy with what we have .
So lets be happy and loe everyone and live happily ....

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