Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yekshi (Devil)

I was studying in St'Joseph HSS, Trivandrum .
Once every month , during the school assembly, our school principal used to release story books created (hand made by students with drawing and their own stories) !!
It was fun during those days to compete among each to make the best book with best stories .

It was once during such an attempt , I wrote a malayalam book named YEKSHI - the evil !!
It got a very good response among the friends , that they asked me to give it to them for few days to read !! Thing was I gathered some patches from here and there and wrote the book !!

But the very impact thing was the front cover !!
I drew a girl closeup face picture which got immense response !!
The story was about a girl who died , but started living in the society ...
It was kind of like a Zombie story :)
But those were the time I have never seen a zombie story or have heard of it !!

Thats why it got huge response !
But it had a very strange effect over me !!

From the day I finished the book , I started having sleepless nights .
It would be too much if i say that i never slept for almost a month time , but it was true .
No sleep at all .... just cant sleep. once i close my eyes , i started seeing strange irrelevant things

I was not able to understand why i was not able sleep at all .
i told my mom and she asked me to go and pray well
i prayed well the next day and still i was not able to stop seeing strange thing once i close my eyes !!

I kept on thinking why this is happening and one fine day i thought it might be this book which i wrote is the reason for the strange negative wave around me !!

But it was one of the best books made by any children of that class - and i loved it like anything .
But as days went on , this thought creeped in that one sunday afternoon , i took the hard decision to burn that book ..

I felt very bad and asked my mom if i can burn it .
she said , if you feel that the boo is the reason for your sleeplessness , then you can burn it .
It gave me some sort of calm feel that if i burn it , i might get sleep !!

I took the book , burnt it and waited till its completely burnt !!

It was shocking !!
I slept that day ...
after so  many days i slept !!
and it was not any more a trouble for me to sleep !!

Strange but true ...

Believe it or Not !!!

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