Thursday, February 16, 2012

FTII 2012 Entrance Fever

There comes FTII entrance exam for the various one and 3 year courses ....
Waited for this badly ...

I was following the website from the day my name was published in their website on 2010 .
2010 gave me the best experience in my life .
Got selected for the 5 day orientation programm in FTII, Pune , clearing the Entrance Exam .
The days i spent in the university was splendid .
Met many guys studying in there and are very good friends now..
Gaurav, Ajayan , Pranshul Shukla , Smijith . Swaroop, Ashwani Sharma ,Sponge  Mani, Arun, and many more...

I wished the orientation programme was a little more extented .

I loved the life there in the campus .
I am a totally reserved person who dont open my mouth much , but there ...
That place was like my home. People of same wave lengths,
same dreams , same kinda thoughts , and same kinda life style .

2011 was for me like waiting for some one soo close to my heart who never turned up :(
FTII announced 2011 as zero intake year ...

No entrance exam , nothing ... Still i was seeing the ftii website daily hoping that its just another rumour .
But it was not a rumour.

I joined another software company :( with still crying inside to join sound engineering course and start learning from the experts ... and used my time reading more about sound recording and editing .
It was really great that i realised that one more year has gone and its 2012 ...

Finally they have announced the exams will be on May 2012 .
I have applied for Sound and waiting now for the exams .

Mean while i am searching out for a job which i can do from the campus with my system so that my parent dont feel my finaciall absence all of a sudden . Past 3 years i was earning . Suddenly going for studies will be a shock for them .

Love this dream of mine .
I started blogging when i started dreaming about FTII .
And this is just the starting ...

Wish i get through this year and start my course finally .... :)


  1. i wish ur dream will come true :) can i ask one qustn?

  2. hey i want to become film director but i dont know i have the required talent to become a director or not....can u guide me???plzz

    1. Direction is the most important part of film making . Director is like the God or main creator of film and all others are helpers . So you can get a cleared answer if you ask yourself the questions . If you still feel you want to become a director, you will become a director and you will find the way yourself dear ....

      Good luck .....

  3. and also plz tell me what is 'orientation programm'?????

    1. orientation program tells us what the course is meant for and what we will be taught in the entire period of course , and also tells us or clears us our doubts . Also gives us a chance to interact with seniors to get a crisp clear idea of what is the course we are applying or applied for , and thus helps us to decide if we are still sure to proceed ... Some people after the orientation program feels that they dont want the program . Some people thinks that sound engineering in FTII teaches band shows and band recording , but when they know it mainly gives u the basic foundation and concentrate mainly on core technical, they might loose interest

  4. thnx budy fr d guidance,now i'm sure abt my passion.plz be in touch with me in future for ny other guidance

  5. hey can u add me on facebook? My id is

  6. hi manu, it's a wunderful thing u doin with this blog ... u've really hosted a forum for a lot of ftii hopefuls to speak out and interact (and hopefully find a sense of calm)during a stressful time ... thanks ...and wish u all the best!