Thursday, November 11, 2010

My favorite quote

Famous quotes are easily available. Go google it. How its effective is all tat matters . And my life is a good example . I did one huge mistake. I once read almost all the available quotes. The worst part is those come and appear then and there . Thats cool on times and not on times .

And my favourite quote :
The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on. - Robert Bloch

And the 'someone' whom i got to blame has got a name

FATE changed so many things in my life. But i am happy that they still dint change any of my desires, ambitions, relationships. Its good that you believe in GOD. (Always good to know that someonez is watchin yo :)).

But i love GOD. I have felt GOD. I neva used to go temples . But my prayers (when done)were always answered. Its a good feel that you have got someone who watches you all the time . And its a better feel that its not spying you . But to give a helping hand on times you fall and kick your ass on times you relax doing nothing keeping sooo many dreams . I felt GOD through humans . Its true that GOD and devil resides within humans . You are GOD when you do good things,and you are the devil when you do bad things.

I still love it . Lifez is beautiful, and why i write this blog ?
Simply ....

My favorite people in this life :
Mom, my lill sister , my dad , my Salini, my teachers.

Love you all .... My heart cant hurt you . But my words might have .
Sorry for that . Love ya ....

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