Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its still a dream. And i am alive.

Its still a dream. And i am alive.

Dreams are great . Cause when you realize its a dream, you have forgotten most of it. Except for those who keep it till you see it 4 real !!

3 years back, when i finished my and realized that i am an engineer and not a student any more and need to go office wearing neat dress, wear ropes around our own neck, wear full sleeves stuffing the heat within inside, drive long ways and enter the zone where people smile for money, talk for money and sleep for money ,i felt sad. Cause i thought after all 4 years of college life wouldn't end up so soon.

I remember how my Amma struggle to feed lessons to my brain and get me passed in exams :) Life is so fast .

I love songs, music, sound, films, pictures. My ambition is to work in films .
This dream came long before i finish my But i finished . College going was my last option in a day's list !! I neva used to attend the first 3 periods. Getting up late and missing the trains were not actually fun . But i cant get up early . So i found some fun in missing trains.

I started dreaming this dream , which is still haunting me . 2 months back i have written my ftii entrance for sound engineering course, and 2 months back i have left the company too . Results are not yet announced. And right now , i dont have a job . Basically jobless .

Dreams can come true. What will be my FTII dream be.
Its a dream and am still alive to get it true .

Dreams can come true :)

Months later ..........

Date: Nov 1st 2010 .
Its late night . I just opened FTII site to check the entrance results . And my name is shortlisted . Finally dreams coming true. :)

Dreams will come true :)

Thanks to my mom , my sister sister Sindhu, Salini , teachers , my guitar sir Rakesh , every useless who tried to depress me by discouraging me which inturn helped me to achieve things by getting in as a fire to get things done , thanking FTII . Thanking everyone .

Dreams will surely come true :)
All you need to do is ............................Dream :)

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