Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sub conscious mind is ?????

Scares you if your subconscious mind tells you everything before it happens . But in this era where computer applications claims to figure out humans future (All you gotta do is enter your date of birth and time), it might not be that scary . But it is....... when you see the most import things which are going to happen in your life .

Things which i have seen are many related to my family members or very close friends . Initial days i never tell them what i saw , cause i take it as another stupid dream i see . But once that really happens i get too stupid to let them know that i felt something like this in my dream .

Recherches say this is true . Some times our subconscious mind is too powerful that on time it can warn you of the danger lying in front of , so that at least you can be beware of. Point is .......... from my personal experience i was not able to change anything . Literally anything . I have started telling things on time , especially when its too dangerous . But those things all happened . So my idea about this .... it just tells you whats going to happen , .... something which cant be changed . But just like reading tomorrows newspaper today .

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